Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Use the Easy Circle Cutter

Here is a Quick Tutorial on using a Easy Circle Cutter Ruler.

This is a really neat tool to include in your quilting supplies.

I started with a 7 inch Square fabric. I folded my square in half.

Then I lined up the fold on the dotted line of the circle cutter.

The hardest part of this whole process was cutting the circle out without moving the ruler.
I should have used the mini rotary cutter.

The result is a perfect circle to use in your quilting. 
This circle will be appliqued on top of another fabric square and then the fabric square with the hole will have a piece of fabric placed behind it. 
I will stitch it down and have two apparent Fabric blocks with only one cut!

I will be posting my results soon. 


I updated my Playlist!

These are some of my Favorite Songs!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ Lisa Style

Outside my window... My porch swing is swaying from the light breeze.

I am thinking... I really need a pedicure. Who can I get to go with me??

I am thankful... That I got a NEW PHONE!! I just LOVE it!

In the kitchen... Stephen is making PB&J! One of my favorites!

I am wearing... A really comfy blue & gray dress that I bought in Mexico! I love how soft it is!

I am creating... A quilt in my mind. I need to draw it out so I dont forget it.

I am going... To get a pedicure as soon as I drop the kids off at their different activities this afternoon.

I am wondering... Why I wait so long between pedicures?? LOL

I am reading...Bad Girls of the Bible & LOVING IT! I am so glad that I can learn from THEIR mistakes!

I am get into my sewing room today.

I am looking forward to... WATCHING ABBY ALL WEEK!!! I cant wait!

I am learning... how to juggle - college, homeschooling, volunteering, baby-sitting, and sewing! So far so good!

Around the house...Alyssa is playing the piano and singing. I love that my kids are so musical.

I am pondering... When will be get to go to Disney next?? I really want to go soon!

A favorite quote for today... "Chocolate: It's not just for Breakfast Anymore!"

One of my favorite things... The foot massage that I get during my ped!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Watch Abby, National Day of Prayer, Detto comes home, Colonoscopy, Bible Study, Homeschooling, & Field Trip to Mount Dora Art Museum to check out their new displays!

A peek into my day... 

My Roses in my Garden! 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's up in YOUR garden??

I was looking over my blog and realized that I have not posted the pictures of all of my gardening changes, improvements, and growth! 
So I wanted to start with my Knockout Roses that Detto planted for me last year before he deployed. 
They have all doubled in size and are producing TONS of roses! 

How many people have utilized the "call before you dig" program?I am wanting to put some plants around this electric box and so I called for the first time! Stephen said it looks like someone is playing Mine Sweeper in our front yard. I must say I agree with him! 

Here are the new plants that I added around the Hot Tub! We are going for a "tropical" feel!
I think it is coming along! 

Look at what I found growing in my garden. 

My Zucchini's are taking off!
These are my cucumbers.I spotted about four that are growing on the vines. 

I love these little signs...

I just wish my plants would "Grow Already"! 

Here is another view of the Hot Tub area.

I added some more rose bushes to my rose garden area. 
I added a Mr. Lincoln bush, a Queen Ann bush, and two pink double knockouts roses! 
Look at all of these buds.

I love Roses!

I thought for sure this little guy was dead after the freeze, but he is coming back. 
I am really glad that he is. 
I really want a tangelo tree growing in my yard. 

I hope that your gardens are growing well too! 
Please feel free to tell me all about your gardening! 

New Toys and More

I have decided to move the sewing room around again. 
I was not crazy about the "flow"!
This is what I did.
This is the view from the doorway.

I do not know why a clean sewing room seems so much more creative. 

It is so hard to keep it clean though. 
I realized that I did not show you this finished quilt top... 
or these quilt blocks... 
or this...

or this quilt top that I am trying decide how to set...
I am not crazy about the layout! 
But I think it will make a GREAT kids quilt. 
The snowmen have so much detail. 
I got these blocks shown and another 20 for only $2 at the "Fabric Sale"!
I will probably be talking about that sale for another few years. LOL 

In this post, I showed this picture of my sewing area
Well, I had to let you know that the pinwheels have been make into these blocks.

I was going to use them for my Quilted Hugs project, but they just seem too "mature" to give to kids. What do you think? 
Should I complete it and send it? 
Should I just hold on to it to give to someone else?? 

Anyways, I had to show you my new toy that Detto sent home. 
Well, it is really a new toy for the whole family! 

Its a Panini Press! Alyssa and I are loving it so far! 
She even made me lunch with it... 
I love grilled cheese and tomato soup and that is what we had! 
I was given this quilt top

It needs some extra love and care.
I can't decide if I should fix it and keep it, or pass it along to someone who would love it more than me. Is there someone out there who would love it more than me??

I love all of the vintage fabrics on it. 
Whoever made it took a lot of time piecing it. 
I have good news.... 
Detto will be home soon. 
The Army takes him away too much! 
I am ready for him to be home for another few months.

I also was given a new phone! Yippy! 
Now I have a smart phone, but I don't have a picture of it! 


Friday, April 27, 2012

Science Experiment ~ Fishy Behaviors ~

Sissy and I have been using Apologia's Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day for her Science this year! 
She is LOVING it! 
I love that she is enjoying it so much. 
The way that the book is set up is that we read a few pages and then their is an experiment or activity. 

So far we have done almost everyone that is suggested. 
This time I had to think about it... 

We have been learning about fish that live in different regions and how they migrate to warm water to give birth and return to colder water to feed.

So, the project called for us to get a fish and record the difference in breathing and activity in warm water vs cold water. 
The suggested temperatures is what made me scratch my head. 
The warm water was supposed to be at least 140 degrees... 

How is this poor fish supposed to survive waters at that temp?

Then the cold water is supposed to be 40 degrees!!
 I don't know who was more worried Sissy or the Fish???
She kept taking the fish out to "check" on it! 
After the project was over Alyssa decided to keep the fish and see how long it lives. 

Poor thing was already floating on its side. 
We bought a Guppy and I told Alyssa not to name it. 
That would make loosing it easier. 
We did the experiment on Wednesday and so far the crazy thing is still hanging on. 
I am not sure how long it will survive, but I will definitely let you know when it goes to fishy heaven so that you can send the appropriate condolences to Alyssa. 

Homeschooling sure is interesting! 

Here are some other school things Sissy has been working on.

She made clay and molded these items for her Ocean Box. 
I show you a picture of that soon. 
The pyramid looking thing is actually a ziggurat. 
It is a temple that was built by the Sumerians and used for worship and a meeting place.
I love homeschooling! 

Process Pledge ~ Quilted Hugs Update

I have been a busy little bee! 
I am so thrilled with all of the great changes in my sewing world! 
I bought so many great fabrics from the "Fabric sale". 
I did not even picture ALL of the GREAT things that I bought! 
I couldn't even put them on my Newly cleaned and organized shelves... 

I went straight to cutting and sewing! 

Here is a great kids quilt that I made. 

I already owned the green and blue and I went to the sale specifically looking for a Bright Yellow to put with these fabrics. 

When I found this I just KNEW that it was PERFECT!! 
I also bought the bright green FQ's for only $.50 each!! 
I am really pleased with the end result. The "darker" green fabric has bright yellow stars on it. It goes great when you see it up close, but the colors aren't "true" in the photo!
I was also able to piece a scrappy backing with the left over fabric from the quilt top. I only had to add a few white scraps to make it big enough! 

I mostly listen to books on CD while sewing, but I was blessed with LIVE music recently... 
He is so cute! 

I moved my sewing room around, so that I could sew... but still rest (per the Dr's orders). 
I am not thrilled with the results. 
I will move it around again soon. 
Something just seems to be missing.
This is the view from the door.

Don't you love my HUGE design wall?? 
I sure do! 
I bought 7 of these blocks at the fabric sale for only $.50!! 
Sew... I made 2 matching blocks from scrap fabric and 
I was able to whip up this quilt top within minutes!
 I just added two borders (from stash fabric) and I had a whole quilt top!

Lisa S and I both bought a few books from the sale and I have lots of quilts planned from the patterns that I found. I decided to sort my scraps by color. 
I think this will help me to make some new "Planned Scrap Quilts"! 

Now I need to take these piles and further divide them into lights and darks! 
I was thinking of doing a scrappy log cabin quilt. 
What do you think??

Here is another quilt that is in progress. The pink fabric has Elmo on it with Letters in Primary colors. 
I love this "Rail Fence" pattern. 
This pattern is so basic and whips together so quickly!

I pray that you are having as much fun sewing as I am, or doing whatever it is that makes you smile!