Sunday, April 22, 2012

Girls Lunch Out!

Nana and I decided that we wanted to go and try the Oakwood Smokehouse in Eustis.
It has been there for a few years and neither of us have gone.
So, we set a date! That was a miracle in itself that we were able to agree on a time AND place!
Hee hee hee

When I ran into Lisa S right before lunch, I decided to invite her to come along!
Sissy and Lisa rode over together for our GIRLS LUNCH!!
They were singing and rocking out in Lisa's car! LOL
Nana and Alyssa!

The Bestie's!

Sissy had a cheeseburger!It looks YUMMY!

Nana, of course, had ribs!It seems that she orders ribs whenever we go out. Well, either ribs or steak!
(I bet you didn't know this about yourself, Nana!)

 I ordered pulled beef & a sweet potato!
I just LOVE sweet potato's! 
I have NEVER in my life seen a fish like this.
The spear thingys were wild!

We had a great time checking out the restaurant and laughing at each other.
We were probably too loud for the other guests, but we were having too much fun!

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