Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's up in YOUR garden??

I was looking over my blog and realized that I have not posted the pictures of all of my gardening changes, improvements, and growth! 
So I wanted to start with my Knockout Roses that Detto planted for me last year before he deployed. 
They have all doubled in size and are producing TONS of roses! 

How many people have utilized the "call before you dig" program?I am wanting to put some plants around this electric box and so I called for the first time! Stephen said it looks like someone is playing Mine Sweeper in our front yard. I must say I agree with him! 

Here are the new plants that I added around the Hot Tub! We are going for a "tropical" feel!
I think it is coming along! 

Look at what I found growing in my garden. 

My Zucchini's are taking off!
These are my cucumbers.I spotted about four that are growing on the vines. 

I love these little signs...

I just wish my plants would "Grow Already"! 

Here is another view of the Hot Tub area.

I added some more rose bushes to my rose garden area. 
I added a Mr. Lincoln bush, a Queen Ann bush, and two pink double knockouts roses! 
Look at all of these buds.

I love Roses!

I thought for sure this little guy was dead after the freeze, but he is coming back. 
I am really glad that he is. 
I really want a tangelo tree growing in my yard. 

I hope that your gardens are growing well too! 
Please feel free to tell me all about your gardening! 

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