Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Disney Hollywood Studios!

Monday was NO SCHOOL, so we all headed to DISNEY WORLD!!
Originally it was just going to be me and my kids, but...

Marge and Her gang had tickets and decided to come along too!
David & I played with hats at the Rockin' Roller Coaster while the "big kids" rode the ride! (Marge and I took turns riding with the kids!)

After I took David's picture, he wanted to take mine.
I think he did pretty good.... and he's only two years old!
We had fun with the Star Wars stuff!

Boys will be boys!
On our way over to "Lights, Motor's, Action!" We stopped to play around...

Stephen was right - this was a MUST SEE!!

When David saw the "Car's" he was glued to the action!
 Sometimes he was even a little scared...

This show was AMAZING!!
I will post more in Part 2...

Family Fun at Sea World!

After a fun time a the Mount Dora Art Festival we all headed down to
Sea World!
Sissy wore her Pirate Costume and I wore my "tiger" costume!

The Seseame Street Show was our #1 goal on Saturday!
I loved these Burt & Ernie Pumpkins!

Abby was dancing up a storm before the show...

All during the show Abby was mesmerized by the characters!  
After that we headed out to dinner with the Family!

Abby ate a lemon and loved it!
It was lots of fun and the food was really good!

Mount Dora Art Show and Family!

This weekend I got to spend lots of time with My Mom & Sister!
It was sooooo nice to have some "girly time"!
Here is what we did...
We went to the Mount Dora Art Show...

It was CROWDED!! Wow!

Amy bought Sissy and Abby Hair Ribbons!

These purses are hand made out of coconuts shells! Some people are so talented!

Abby was scared of the Geico blow up!

We really enjoyed ourselves!
Isn't this cute?

Sissy and I got Feathers put in our hair!

I got blue and she got Hot Pink!
I had a GREAT DAY!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Process Pledge!

I only have a few quilts "in Process" right now!
This is a Scrap Quilt that I am working on! It is totally scrappy, except for each block will have a purple square in it!

Lisa and I had our First Sewing Day in 4 months on Friday!!
This is what I worked on:
I made some cute "Kid" Winter Hats!

And I pieced this quilt top on Friday!
It came together REALLY quick.
Its not finished, but I finished 90% of it! I only need to add the finishing borders!
My sewing is really helping me. It is hard not talking to Detto on a regular basis and sewing is really helping me keep my mind busy!
I am so blessed to have a sewing room and a best friend to sew with!
Thank You Lord for all of my blessings!

Our Hiking Field Trip!

Sissy and I went on a Hiking Field Trip this week with The Scarberry's!
It was tons of fun!
We went hiking at Wekiva River Run!

The weather was PERFECT!! The kids looked for animal tracks all day! We found TONS!

Kyle picked a wild flower to his Mom...Look what was hiding on the stem!

The View was GREAT!

These trees are growing together.
Isn't that cool?

I thought this cactus growing out of the fallen tree was sooo neat! Life out of death.

The kids had to climb a couple of trees!

This butterfly was HUGE!
It was probably 5-6 inches across!

This is a field of wildflowers.Isn't it pretty?

More tree climbing! Even I joined in the fun on this one!

Bear Tracks

More Bear Tracks

Racoon Tracks

Alyssa being a "country girl"!
We hiked for almost 3 hrs. It was GREAT!
God's Creation is so Amazing!
I love being outside during this time of the year!