Saturday, October 18, 2014

Summer Trip to Virginia with the kids ~ 2014

This summer Detto needed to head to Liberty University to take another week long Intensive Class, so we decided to bring the kids along! 

This is very pretty country! 

I love the winding roads.

While Detto spent the day in the classroom while we decided to see the land....and an old friend Kami Harris Melton. 
I grew up next door to Kami and the whole Harris clan.
We had not seen each other since we were little. 

She took us hiking in the Appalachian Mountains!!! 

We love hiking! 

The white marks showed that we were on the right trail!

The rocks were huge!

My kids were so funny!

This girl is crazy!

I love that Stephen loves photography so much.

Aren't mountains beautiful?

I will post more later! 
Love ya, 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Summer Trip to San Antonio... The Drive Home

 The country was beautiful! America is definitely beautiful!!

Neither Detto nor I have ever had a Whataburger, so we tried it.....

Five Guys is better, which is good because they are right around the corner.

We drove for hours and hours!

Alabama tunnel

The signs that you see while on a road trip must be photographed to be believed. 
Who sells donuts and BBQ???
It was good to finally be home.
Love ya, 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

San Antonio Goodbye!!

The roads in this city blow me away! 

Even my GPS couldn't keep track of what road I was on!

I kept getting turned around, so... 
I had to stop and shop just to calm down! 

The last night we were there, Detto and I decided to hit up one of our favorite San Antonio restaurants....We enjoyed walking along the riverwalk to get there!

We at at Casa Rio! We were able to sit right next to the river and watch the ducks and the passing boats.

The food at Casa Rio is AMAZING!! 
and they are the oldest restaurant on the Riverwalk! 
Goodbye San Antonio... See you next year! LOL

Monday, October 13, 2014

San Antonio National Cemetery and my little friend!

I had some time to visit the sites while Detto was in classes, so I decided to visit the local National Cemetery. 

It was right outside of the main gate for Fort Sam Houston, so it was a nice place to wait for Detto to finish up!

This place is very well kept!

The rows and rows of men and women who served our country blows my mind!

This bell tower was very unique!

Very picturesque..

Then I saw a strange site...

I had to get a closer look.
I couldn't tell if he was dead or just resting!

He is alive and well... Strange little guy!
He definitely gave me a chuckle!