Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vicenza Centro - Part 2

Well... here are more pictures of our Vicenza explorations

All of the streets look like this! They are so pretty. Stores are downstairs and the homes/flats are up above!

Church of San Vincenzo at Piazzo Dei Signori

Piazza Dei Signori
The two columns in Piazza dei signori were built at different times.  The lion represents the Venetian republic and was once the only column in the square.  It wasn't until over a century later that the second column was built in honor of Vicenza and its citizens.

in front of the Palazzo del Capitanio, in Piazza dei Signori
aka Town Hall
This is a staue of Palladio in the
Piazzetta del Palladio.
He designed most of the buildings in Vicenza.

Recycling is serious business in Italy. There are multiple recycling bins like this EVERYWHERE.
So far everywhere we have visited has been REALLY CLEAN! I was very suprised!

There is not much parking in the town centers. Many streets are for pedestrians only, so we parked here. Isn't it beautiful. Everything is so pretty here! I love this place!
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