Friday, November 27, 2009


We had a GREAT Thanksgiving this year!! I feel so blessed that I was able to go and visit my husband!! The kids and I made the trip to Fort Jackson, Sc in only 8 hours!! We listened to the Chronicles of Narnia Series and that helped make the time go by faster! It was so nice to spend time with him!! We got to eat and hang out a little!! I met his drill sgts and they were all very nice to ME!! I also met one of the drill sgts wives - her name is Treasa. She was such a blessing. We got to hang out around Columbia and she showed us around the base!! I am so glad that we got to meet!! She is having surgery next Thursday so please pray for her.
I really enjoyed seeing Detto and I know that the kids were THRILLED!!

We came home on Wednesday night and it only took us 7 hrs to get back!! I was shocked!! We listened to another Chronicles on the way back, until the kids fell asleep! Then I had the radio to keep me awake!! All around we had so many blessings and a really nice time!!
Detto looks so different! He has lost a TON of was BALD!! I definately dont like the haircut!!

On Thursday, me and the kids went to my Mom & Dad's house!! It was great seeing everyone. My Aunt Kim came down from NC! I really enjoyed hanging out and spending time with the babies!! Reilly was so funny and Anaia was so cute!! Reilly is 15 months old and talks up a storm. Anaia is 6 weeks old and slept most of the time!!

I really liked coming home after all of that. I wish I could have brought Detto with me!! Today I have been hanging out at the house!! Sewing!! I like having Lazy Days every once in a while!

I didnt do the whole... Black Friday thing this year! It was kinda strange not to though!! I am going to wait and do my Christmas Shopping with Detto, maybe!?!

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Update on US!!

Well... Baseball and Softball are finally over!! The kids had lots of fun, but it was getting to be too much so I'm glad that its over!! Also, it was either freezing at the ball field or the mosquito's were eating me up!! They did have a great season. Alyssa team wasn't very good, but she didnt care. Stephen's team was good, but it was never good enough for Stephen! My kids are so funny! Such opposites!!

I love this picture of Alyssa, she's on second base talking to her friend on the other team!! Another great Alyssa moment was when she was dancing in the outfield. She had a song in her head and she was a dancing machine! All of the Mom's were crackin' up on the bleachers!! It was hillarious!!
After Alyssa's last game we went out for Pizza, well they had pizza!! It was fun!

Here are the trouble makers!! (except me!)
Also, We decorated the inside and outside of the house this week!! I love Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

Once again... Stephen got ahold of the camera... He likes taking lots of butt shots or he takes the picture when your making a silly face!! aka your not expecting it!!  He is such a silly boy!! I love him so much!!
All we have left to put out is the BIG SANTA blow ups!! I will wait until after Thanksgiving to put those up!! We are really excited about our trip to South Carolina this week!! We get to have an Early Thanksgiving Dinner with Detto!! Yippy!! We are all set. We have our audio books and we are ready to go!! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Picnic in the Park

I am so blessed to homeschool!! I love being with my kids and discovering thing together!! Thank you Lord for the teachers book, because sometimes I feel so lost!! My kids are so smart that it can be intimidating!! So far we have had a GREAT week!! Yesterday we went on a Picnic in Donnelly Park in Down Town Mount Dora! It was so nice! Stephen got ahold of my camera and so we ended up with ALOT of pictures. Here are a few of our picnic!

After our picnic we went to the Mount Dora Center for the ARTS!! But.... They were closed for remodeling, so we checked out their gift shop!! They had lots of cool stuff in it!! We really liked it. I cant wait to see the "actual" art gallery!!

After that we went to the Library!! We love the library! We found some NEW "Hank the Cow Dog" Audio Books!! If you have never listed to this series... You have to borrow it from the Library for your kids. It is such a funny series! My kids LOVE it! Actually, all of the kids who have ever heard it Love it! It is VERY funny!! Even Ora loves it. We really enjoyed our day together!! I cant believe that baseball sesion is almost over. Alyssa has a game Thursday night and then one on Saturday and Stephen's last game is Friday night!! Wow! It felt like Baseball was going to go on FOREVER, but here is the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Purse Prices!

First I want to say a BIG THANK YOU - to everyone who has flooded me with requests and encouragement!! I am really enjoying making these!! Also, I am placing an order for name tags and patches on Monday so please let me know ASAP if you are wanting to order a name tag for your purse!!
Now to business (hahaha that sounds so serious!)


Small Purse - 12 in W X 8 in H, one pocket outside and two inside, w/o personalization! Plain is only $20

Medium Purse - 13 1/2 in W X 9 1/2 in H, one pocket outside and two inside, w/o personalization, Plain is only $25

Large Purse - 15 In W X 12 in H, one pocket outside and 2 or 3 pockets inside (your choice), w/o personalization, Plain is only $30

All purses come with velcro closure.
Diaper Bags:

Small - with 2 side outside pockets and 3 inside pockets, w/o personalization $40

Medium - with 2 side outside pockets and 3 inside pockets, w/o personalization $45

Large - w/ 2 side outside pockets and 4 inside pockets, w/o personalization $50

Name Tags:

ARMY WIFE, in black letters $4
U.S. ARMY, in Black letters $4.50
LAST NAME, in Black letters $5
American Flag, Reverse flag $4
ARMY CREST - w/ eagle and shield $5 (no personalizations on crest available)

To add colored thread please add $3 to the above name tags.

If you want something custom such as:
ARMY WIFE TO (SOLDIER'S LAST NAME) , I will have to give you an individual price. I have to have these special made and the more letters the more $$!! 

Name tag personalization starting at $10

Optional personalizations:

Colored lining - I have many different fabrics that can be used as lining!! Just let me know what you are wanting and I will do my best.

Purse's Personalized lining starting at $4
Diaper bag Personalized lining starting at $6

Color coordinating additional outside pocket $3
ACU additional oustide pocket $2

Tie closure $2

Please allow aprox. 2 weeks for non-personalization orders and 4-6 weeks for personalizations.
These prices do not include shipping!

I will ship Priority Mail - $8.95 for purses and $10.35 for diaper bags!

Sample of small purse w/ pink lining, handles, and outside pocket!

Sample of a Medium size purse plain, w/ velcro closure!

Sample of a Large Purse plain w/ a tie closure!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My NEW Newest Purse!!

I made this Purse today! I LOVE it!!
This is made out of ACU fabric! It measures 9 in. H X 13 1/2 in W!! It has velrco closure. I put three pockets on the inside and One LARGE pocket on the outside! I left one whole side blank so that I can put some Patches on it! I am going to go to the local Army Surplus and pick up a flag patch this week!! I am going to look for a nice Army Patch. Also, I know someone who has an embrodery machine and I am going to see if she can make me a tag for the purse!! I will show it off once it is complete!!
I LOVE IT!! The next one I will make slightly taller!!
The cool thing about this purse is that is stands on its own!! I like that it is sturdy!!