Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Picnic in the Park

I am so blessed to homeschool!! I love being with my kids and discovering thing together!! Thank you Lord for the teachers book, because sometimes I feel so lost!! My kids are so smart that it can be intimidating!! So far we have had a GREAT week!! Yesterday we went on a Picnic in Donnelly Park in Down Town Mount Dora! It was so nice! Stephen got ahold of my camera and so we ended up with ALOT of pictures. Here are a few of our picnic!

After our picnic we went to the Mount Dora Center for the ARTS!! But.... They were closed for remodeling, so we checked out their gift shop!! They had lots of cool stuff in it!! We really liked it. I cant wait to see the "actual" art gallery!!

After that we went to the Library!! We love the library! We found some NEW "Hank the Cow Dog" Audio Books!! If you have never listed to this series... You have to borrow it from the Library for your kids. It is such a funny series! My kids LOVE it! Actually, all of the kids who have ever heard it Love it! It is VERY funny!! Even Ora loves it. We really enjoyed our day together!! I cant believe that baseball sesion is almost over. Alyssa has a game Thursday night and then one on Saturday and Stephen's last game is Friday night!! Wow! It felt like Baseball was going to go on FOREVER, but here is the light at the end of the tunnel!!
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