Friday, November 13, 2009

Only 26 More Days!!

I can't believe we only have 26 more days until we get to see DETTO!! Yea!
I got a phone call last night and then again today from him. Both were about his flight home for Christmas. That means he will really get to come home! He booked his flight and now we get to hurry up and wait!! Well, we get to see him for Family Day on December 10th and for his graduation on December 11th!! Yeah!

We have been doing pretty good getting everything ready for him to come back home. Next week, the kids and I are going to start hanging Christmas decorations!! We LOVE Christmas and this year it's even more exciting because it will be time together with Detto.
This is Part of a Purse that I am in the process of making. I started it two weeks ago and haven't had alot of time to work on it. I am hoping to finish it soon. I LOVE the fabric. I have really enjoyed making purses and bags lately. I am going to make some purses/ bags for some of my family members this year for Christmas. John has informed me that I am going to make an Air Force bag for Samantha and Corinne told me about a really cool Gator purse made out of a Jersey. So I'm going to make her one of those for her Christmas present. She already gave me one of her old #15 Gator jersey's. (#15 Tim Tebow aka. the "other" love of her life!) I can't wait! I love making things! Anything w/ fabric... I love! (except clothing - I don't like making clothes! Ugh!)

School has been going really good! The kids are learning lots and school sure does help keep us busy and make the days go by faster! We have gone on a few more field trips (of course)!! We went to the Orlando Rep. and saw "How I became A Pirate"! We read the book and the kids loved both the book and the play!!
Afterwards we had a picnic and then... Stephen had a REALLY bad Asthma attack! We ended up in the ER w/ him. All is well now! I'm glad that we were only two blocks from the hospital! God is so AWESOME!! Stephen got in with only a 2 minute wait. We got him his treatment and then they watched him for a few HOURS (of course) and then we went home!! Overall, I was very pleased with our experience. They even gave us new tubing for his nebulizer and a Peak Flow monitor!! Thank you Lord!! The kids did really good while waiting. They are semi-professional glove animal makers!! They have had too much practice! Alyssa said she likes LRMC's gloves better than FL Hospital South's! I was crackin' up! She said LRMC's gloves are more Stretchy and are easier to blow up!! I love it!

We now have a new Publix that just opened this month in the front of our Subdivision. I am loving it!! We went on opening day to check it out and the kids went to get all of the free samples!! They were so cute. Well guess who is working there?? Emily Averill, Chloe's mom!! We were so excited to see her. We have been missing Chloe ever since we moved. It was hard to stop watching her after having her several days every week for 8 months. Well, God is good! Emily needed another part-time babysitter and so we got our Chloe back! The kids fought over her the first day we had her back. I cant believe how much she has changed in just a few short months! She is walking and talking some and getting into EVERYTHING!!

We are so blessed! God has truly giving us so much to be thankful for!! Oh and the flowers at the top of this post are some that I got for FREE at our new Publix!! They are so pretty and look great on my new FALL table runner!!
Today the kids and I got our Military ID cards!! That was interesting! Afterwards we went to the Orlando Science Center since it was on the way home. It was lots of fun! I'm glad they like it so much. I remember going with my Grandma when I was little. I loved playing with the boats and trying out all of the "hands on" stuff! Me and my brothers and sister would play for hours. We were NEVER ready to go when Grandma was! I guess some things never change!
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