Thursday, November 29, 2012

Women's Luncheon & Quilt Talk!

It was so nice to have a girls day out! 
Lisa S found out about a quilt talk and luncheon and all I had to hear was the word "QUILT"!

The some of the ladies brought quilts to display. 

It was so great to see so many quilts.

I love looking at quilts.

The lady doing the quilt talk was very interesting. 
She has been quilting for YEARS and had lots to share!

I loved this quilt. It had all of the state flowers on it. 

Lisa is such a great friend! 
We have lots of fun together!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quilting Update... Process Pledge!

I have been working on quite a few quilts lately! 

I made this cute pillow!It was part of a Jellyroll race! I made a matching quilt, which I will show later. 

I have been working on Sissy's quilt and I decided to make a border.
What do you think??

Here are the squares...
I have been using these as leaders and enders.

Then I decided to make a fall quilt!Now... 
What am I going to do for focus fabric? 
I was thinking black or...

Maybe this...What do you think?

I love this sashing. 
It has been coming along fairly quickly. 
These houses and snowmen were swapped a few years ago. 
I have been meaning to make them into something, but I couldn't decide what. 
Now I've decided!
I love it! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cooking with Abby!

I love spending time with this little princess! 

We got to make cookies together! 

Abby was so excited to be cooking..

She even had her own little stool!

She really LOVED the chocolate chips!

She kept picking them out of the cookie dough and eating them.

She is such a cute HOT mess! 

Thankfully the cookies turned out GREAT! 


Carving... Well, Decorating Pumpkins!

This year we decided instead of carving...
We would do things a little different.

Sissy would paint...

Johnny would, um, uh, do this...

Stephen wanted to use the old Mr Potato Head Pirate!
And Detto...Well, he is such a kid! 

It was lots of fun!

We all laughed and joked the whole time! 

Detto didn't stop at just one! 

Check out the mustache...

above the nose!

I tried my hand at painting some of Sissy's pumpkin!

It was FUN!!

Detto is too funny!

The nose and mustache are in the right place!

I have to take 10 pictures to get one normal one!