Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ninos Quilts... Quilted Hugs Update!!

I have TONS to catch up on, but I am going to just start here and eventually I will be caught up on my blog. 
I have been going to school full time, teaching part-time, volunteering, and playing super-Mom! 
I have not made my blog a priority, but... 
I want to change that. 
I miss blogging! I miss having the record of our lives! 
So with that said...
A few months ago I posted about my Quilted Hugs Project. I have been steadily quilting away for the children of the Ninos de Mexico Orphanages. As they have been finished I have been putting the quilts in boxes to be shipped. I recently had enough to fill TWO HUGE boxes! 

I had some of my friends from our Sunday Night Bible study display them before I shipped them out! 
We had 30 that I sent out, enough to stretch across our entire backyard! 

I didn't realize how many I had finished until I got them all out for these pictures. 
I love that they are all different sizes, shapes, and patterns!
I pray that the children who receive them feel the love that went into each quilt!

Some of these quilts were UFO's & QIP's (Quilts In Progress) for years and I am glad to just to finish them and get rid of them! However, this has been great for stash-busting and getting rid of stray blocks! 

I can not wait to send the next box. I should be sending out another box this week! 

Thank you to everyone who donated fabric to me over the years. It has found a good home in Mexico! 

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