Monday, April 2, 2012

A bad Break!

Detto & I have been holding a Small group marriage class at our house every Sunday night for the last few weeks.
This week with me away all weekend at training one of the couples from our group offered to have it at their house.
The kids were happy because that family has a trampoline and the other kids also play instruments.
Alyssa was loving the trampoline and it was making me really scared.
I do not like trampolines. I was explaining that I think that too many kids get hurt on them.
That is when Alyssa started crying...

We ended up in the ER!
Not a good place to be.
Detto is away on training again and so when I called to tell him what had happened he thought it was an April Fools Day Joke! LOL
Nope, no joke!
I was so worried about Sissy that I forgot it was April 1st!
The doctors ran some x-rays and argued about the results.

One of the doctors decided she broke her ankle and the other doctor said that she probably broke it, but definitely sprained it REALLY BAD!
So they put her in a fiberglass splint and sent her to an Orthopedic Specialist.

She is in a lot of pain.
They had to move her ankle around to set it at a 90 degree angle.
Poor Sissy!
She needs lots of prayers for a quick recovery.
I guess she wont be playing softball for a few weeks!
Now we are home and resting.
The crutches are proving to be a little difficult.
I pray that the swelling goes down and that she is not in anymore pain.
They said they could not put her ankle in a regular cast until the swelling stops and goes down some.
I hope everyone had a better April Fools Day than we did.

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