Monday, April 23, 2012

Field Trip to the Theater ~ The Boxcar Children

Sissy and I got to go see a play at the Orlando Rep Theater last week!
We went to see "The Boxcar Children"!

We went with our homeschool group.
Here are a few of them - The Patterson Family!
I really liked the display of rain barrels that they had in the theater.

They were all hand painted.

Sissy found a piano! She is so cute!

Here is Alyssa and her friend Grace.They used to play softball together. I like Grace's family. They are good Godly people.

The Stage!

After the show, Sissy and I went and got Chic-Fil-A.
We went to Mead Garden to eat together!

I really love spending one on one time with my kids. Some people ask me if I spend too much time with my kids. Quality is much different than Quantity. I don't think it is possible to spend too much time. We only have them for a little while!
When we are homeschooling, it sometime seems like we are spending quantity not quality. We are focused on the lessons, not on each other. I like one on one time when I can hear my kids thoughts, dreams, goals, and listen to their HEARTS!

We had a lunch guest....

This little squirrel came right up to the table and stole a fry off the seat! LOL

Yes, I put the fry there to see if he would take it!

Alyssa said I shouldn't take pictures of her while she is eating her food. I wonder why she feels that way?? LOL

Isn't this place pretty?
I am so blessed!

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