Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quilting Update!

I know that the title says Quilting Update, but I had to add this picture of my son - Stephen.
He is getting sooooo big! I just love him so much!

OK, as for quilting...
This is what I have been working on.
I am working on a "Summer Quilt" for ME!!
At least I think I am going to keep it.
I keep feeling like this quilt might just belong to someone else.....

I have been making all of the blocks using applique. I love how they are all turning out.

I am using a pattern for some of it, but I have not decided what I am going to do about the borders yet.

I just love this block. I know that the lighting is not good, but this is a girl reading in a hammock!

These yellow squares have been speaking to these green FQ's and saying that they want to get married.
So, I think I might have to allow the "union" to proceed.
These green Fat Quarters were given to me by Nancy S. to be used for my Quilted Hugs Project! They will definitely make a quick quilt!

 Speaking of "Quilted Hugs....These quilts are for my project as well! I ironed the backing on my WONDERFUL iron this week &&&& I pinned them! Now all they need is to be quilted! :)

This is some binding that is waiting to be ironed so that I can finish off some more of my Quilted Hugs quilts! I put it next to the iron so that it is in my way.... That way I will get sick of looking at it and finish it! LOL

Am I the only one who has to sabotage MYSELF in order to complete certain steps of quilt making??

The binding is one of my least favorite parts of quilting, and yet it is so quick and easy! Silly Me!
I sorted through some of my scrap applique fabric to make the flowers for this quilt...

My poor rug has not gotten very much attention lately. I did braid a little more, but I have not sewn any more of it.
And I even took it off the sewing table, that is never a good sign!

I had to share these cute containers that I picked up at Target this week.
They were in the $1 bins in the front of the store.

I instantly knew they would be perfect in my sewing room for holding my applique pieces for different quilts and for holding my postage stamps as I cut them down from other projects or use them as leaders and enders.
I love the ribbon handle that allows for easy carrying to the ironing board and back!

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