Friday, April 27, 2012

Science Experiment ~ Fishy Behaviors ~

Sissy and I have been using Apologia's Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day for her Science this year! 
She is LOVING it! 
I love that she is enjoying it so much. 
The way that the book is set up is that we read a few pages and then their is an experiment or activity. 

So far we have done almost everyone that is suggested. 
This time I had to think about it... 

We have been learning about fish that live in different regions and how they migrate to warm water to give birth and return to colder water to feed.

So, the project called for us to get a fish and record the difference in breathing and activity in warm water vs cold water. 
The suggested temperatures is what made me scratch my head. 
The warm water was supposed to be at least 140 degrees... 

How is this poor fish supposed to survive waters at that temp?

Then the cold water is supposed to be 40 degrees!!
 I don't know who was more worried Sissy or the Fish???
She kept taking the fish out to "check" on it! 
After the project was over Alyssa decided to keep the fish and see how long it lives. 

Poor thing was already floating on its side. 
We bought a Guppy and I told Alyssa not to name it. 
That would make loosing it easier. 
We did the experiment on Wednesday and so far the crazy thing is still hanging on. 
I am not sure how long it will survive, but I will definitely let you know when it goes to fishy heaven so that you can send the appropriate condolences to Alyssa. 

Homeschooling sure is interesting! 

Here are some other school things Sissy has been working on.

She made clay and molded these items for her Ocean Box. 
I show you a picture of that soon. 
The pyramid looking thing is actually a ziggurat. 
It is a temple that was built by the Sumerians and used for worship and a meeting place.
I love homeschooling! 

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