Friday, April 13, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook! All about ME

Outside my
window... The Sun Is shinning, the birds are singing (because I filled the bird feeder), The grass is SOOOOO Bright GREEN!! And the Flowers are blooming!

I am thinking... How Blessed I am to live here! I love my home and FLORIDA!

I am thankful... That God has continued to provide!

In the
kitchen... I am planning on Chicken and Rice for dinner!

I am wearing... My work in the yard clothes. I am about to go and pull weeds. Ugh

I am creating...A WONDERFUL Applique Quilt in the Sewing Room. I cant wait to go work on it! I have to finish my "chores" first. :(

I am going... to work in my garden! I love growing fresh veggies for my family!

I am wondering... If the Okra plant my neighbor gave me will survive.

I am reading... 3 different books right now. 1. Bad Girls of the Bible (my womens Bible study) 2. Blowback by Brad Thor (my paperback that I can take with me) 3. All Different Kinds Of Free by Jessica McCann (on my tablet)

I am hoping...That I get the floors cleaned today!

I am looking forward to...SEWING TODAY!! I have so many projects in process and I feel inspired to getting some major progress done!

I am learning... English 122 in my college class. I am just thankful that my HORRIBLE Computer Literacy class is over!

Around the house...Stephen is playing drums and Sissy is doing her school work! I kept Stephen home today because he is all stuffy! I hope this doesnt turn into anything.

I am pondering...What is Detto doing today? I sure do miss him.

A favorite quote for
today... When Life hands you Lemons...Throw them at the nearest Jerk! (that is a Lisa original! I wouldn't do it, but it makes me laugh anyways.)
One of my favorite things...Hot Tea! There is NOTHING like a cup of Hot Tea in the Morning, well... or afternoon, or evening right before bed! I LOVE HOT TEA!
A few plans for the rest of
the week: Clean the house, take the kids shopping for new socks and unders (they sure grow fast), relax and enjoy my time with my Kiddos!

A peek into my day... I am sitting at the breakfast table typing this, next I will head upstairs to teach Sissy Science, and then I will head outside to work in my garden! I hope to have all of my "chores" finished by lunch so that I can take the kids to the store and then be home for the rest of the day. I really want to just forget all of my responsibilities and spend the entire weekend in my Sewing Room, but that is just a fantasy!
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