Friday, April 13, 2012

P.S. I Love You ~ Book Review!

I am not sure if many of you know this, but I read A LOT!!

As I was reading this book,

I had a few people ask me if it was better than the movie.

I decided to do a book review about it!

PS. I Love You was written by Irish author Cecelia Ahern

Shockingly, Cecelia was only 23 years old when she wrote this book. She published this book in 2004, and has since written several other books and even a TV show on ABC called "Samantha Who?"

I first fell in love with the movie and so I decided to read the book. Typically, I read a book first and then I watch the movie. At the time I watched the movie, I did not even know that it was based on a book.

When I began reading this book I immediately fell in love with all of the crazy characters. It was easy to feel the emotions that the characters were feeling. I felt immediately captivated. This was a great book to take with me as a travel or keep on my bedstand, because the story was not twisting and turning. It was more like a smooth river.

I must say that I was not pleased with all of the language in the book. I realize that there are cultural differences between the US and Ireland, but I still think some of the language was un-necessary.

I liked that the books was similar to the movie, but not an exact replica. The movie was much more "Americanized". However, I liked seeing into the world of the Irish. This will not be a book that I read again. There are only a handful of those in my home. This one will go off to explore other bedside tables, airplanes, and probably bathrooms. 

The only negative that I have to say about the book are these two things:
1. I do not like the books cover picture!
I do not think that it helps the book at all!

2. I did not care for the ending of the book!
If I say any more than that I will give the whole thing away!

I do hope that you will read the book and let me know what you thought about it.
If you have already read it, what did YOU think?

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