Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vicenza Centro - Part 3 - Monte Berico

Another part of Vicenza that I absolutely LOVED was seeing Monte Berico.
Monte Berico is a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The history is...  
According to the legend, the Blessed Virgin appeared on this hill twice: the first time occurred on March 7, 1426, the second on August 1, 1428. At this time in the Veneto, the people and economy had been suffering from a terrible plague for years. The Madonna promised that if the people of Vicenza built a church on the top of the hill she would rid them of the plague. The people kept their promise and the church was built in 3 months. I found this info Here.

The church is amazing. I have never seen so much Gold in a Church before! There are hanging lights everywhere which give the church such an amazing ambiance.

The other great part about this church is the Piazzale della Vittoria!
Piazzale della Vittoria is the square in front of the basilica which was dedicated September 23, 1924. It lies at the front of the northern facade and show a full view of the city of Vicenza. A vast circular cement railing circles around this large open balcony, which looks out over the city.

Here are the pictures of us with the view of the city all around...

I thought this sign was noteworthy...

I was shocked that you couldn't wear sleeveless shirts or shirts into the church.
I was told that it was a respect thing.
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