Thursday, July 7, 2011

Independence Day / Deployment

This year the 4th of July was very different for us... We still got together with friends and family, we still ate junk food, we still watched the fireworks....
The only difference was we did it while saying goodbye!

It was very hard to say goodbye...

He will be gone for a very long time. Over a year! That is a LONG time! I didn't want to celebrate Independence Day this way. I would rather sit around with the family AT HOME...

 Not in some military unit parking lot and watch the plane take off just 100 yds away. Knowing it is taking my hubby to another country. A WAR ZONE! A place where he will have to fight for his life and the lives of the men and women with him. A place where they are not very "happy" the Army has come to "help"! A place that had a high today of 117 degrees F and 15-20 mph winds blowing sand all over everything.
I thank God for his protection over my hubby and my family during this difficult time. I have been blessed to have a Bible and the promises given in Psalms 91.
Today I was reading Psalms 91: (God's Shield of Protection by Peggy Joyce Ruth) and I was struck by a quote...
"Many people think of the gospel as an insurance policy, securing only their eternity and their comfort after disaster strikes... God's Word is MORE than merely an escape from hell; it is a handbook for living a victorious life in the world."
I am so inspired by this quote. I can live VICTORIOUS over fear and worry. I have been claiming the promises of Psalms 91 for Detto and the entire unit! I am so blessed to have a faithful saviour!

This is Detto and his friend David. They have gone through EVERYTHING together - MEPS, Bootcamp, AIT, Training, and now a Deployment!

Lord, Bless and Protect our Soldiers!
God Bless the USA!

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