Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sea World with Nana

For Christmas we promised Ora that we would take her to Sea World! With Detto gone so much it hasn't happened, until Tuesday....

We went to Sea World as a treat for Nana, but I think it was more of a Treat for me than for her! She proved us all WRONG... She said that she LOVED roller coasters. I must admit, I didnt believe her. I thought maybe she was talking about kiddie-coasters! But she was talking about THE REAL THING!

SHE RODE EVERY SINGLE ONE! When we were all done, she was wanting MORE! I was shocked!

We had a Wonderful Day! We rode every ride at Sea World and watched every show except three of them! We had a FULL day! The lines were not too bad. I have definately seen MUCH worse!
I was thrilled to be able to buy her ticket at PUBLIX of all places for $20 less than the gate price and... they still gave her the extra day free! I was SHOCKED and very happy!

I love looking at the animals and it was nice to have someone else who enjoyed them as much as I did! We even went through the shark tank TWICE! Just me and Nana!
For Dinner we went to the 2 Story McDonalds on I-Drive!!

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