Monday, April 19, 2010

Nevada Here I come!!

Guess What??? Well, I think the title of my post kind of gives it away! I'm going to Nevada TODAY!!
Lisa asked me to fly out and drive back with her so.... I'm leaving in an hour!! Wow!!
I'm really excited! Alyssa and I made Crepe's for by farewell lunch!! Yummy!!

Last night, Alyssa made her VERY FIRST ~ Chicken Pot Pie!! It was really Good! My goal is to teach her to cook so in a few years I wont have to do ANY of the cooking! (hee hee JK)
She made an "A" on top of the pie for the vent it was really cute! (I dont know why we didnt get any pics!)

Here is the cake that we made for desert it was WONDERFUL.....

It is so Easy to make. We call it Pineapple Angel Food Yummy Cake!
Here is the recipe:
- 1 Box of instant Vanilla Pudding
- 1 can of crushed Pineapple
- 2 cups of Cool Whip
- 1 Angel Food Cake
- Sprinkles (optional)
- Walnuts (optional)

To make the filling:
You mix the Vanilla Pudding and Crushed Pineapple together until blended very well. Then you add the 2 cups of Cool Whip!
Angel Food Cake:
Slice the Angel Food cake into 3 layers then put it all together!
Bottom layer Angel Food Cake top with filling. Another Layer of Angel Food Cake top with Filling. Third Layer of Angel Food Cake Top Cake with filling. Add some Cool Whip into the hole in the middle of the cake and decorate with sprinkles and nuts (optional)!!
It is so light and fluffy. Super easy to make and QUICK!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

~ My 100th POST GIVEAWAY ~

I cant believe this is my 100th Post!!
I have really enjoyed blogging! I plan to keep on!!
I want to do a GIVEAWAY to celebrate!! I can only think of things that I love to share with everyone so.... Of course my giveaway will be for FABRIC!!
Here are some pictures of what I am offering!
This Quilt Block can easily be made into a pillow or used in a Spring Themed Quilt! I love this pattern!
This is a Burgundy FatQuarter, 5 Charm Squares, and a cute Roll of fabric!!

To enter Please become and follower of my blog AND respond to this post (aka. Comment) on the blog with one or all of your favorite:
1. Fabric
2. Fabric Color
3. Color (for you Non-Quilters)

I will keep this open until the last week of April!! 

You can add a bonus entry by Blogging about my GIVEAWAY!! Just make sure you leave a comment with a link to your blog so I can check it out!! Make sure that you include an email so I can contact you if/when you win!!


I love Blogging and have been REALLY busy lately! I joined a few more swaps and that has kept me going in the sewing room!! My best friend Lisa talked me into joining a Boomerang Swap! It's where you send 35 Fat-Eights (11 inches X 18 Inches) to other swappers they make you a block and send it back! The hard part is all 35 of them also send you a F8 (Fat Eight) and I get to make them a block! It really gets me out of my comfort zone. I tend to pick colors that are soft or neutral and BLUE is definately my favorite color to work with right now! Some of the fabric that I get are.... Uh.... Not Blue!! hee hee!
Here are some of the most recent blocks that I have made:

I have made a new NON- Boomerang Rule for myself! For every block I make for someone else I have to make a similar (not identical) block for myself! Maybe this way I will be able to crank out some quilts for friends and family! Its fun!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

AMAZING 1930's Quilt!!

Look what I found at a THRIFT STORE TODAY!!!!

I am so excited about this quilt! I picked it up for a steal of a deal!!
This is all hand pieced and hand quilts with vintage 1930's fabric! It is amazing detail!
It has some damage, but it's really in overall good condition.
I only wish the quilter would have labeled it so I knew its history!!
Mr. Duke Ellington Miss Jasmine Amethyst March