Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Making Gingerbread Houses!!

This year instead of making one gingerbread house, I decided to let the kids make a whole Gingerbread Village!

Sissy & Stephen started working on them.
Stephen only lasted a few minutes. Then he decided to just watch the Christmas movie that they had playing.

Sissy and Amara worked on it together!

They each got to build several of their own houses!

I caught Amara sampling the icing!

The evidence....

I think their construction is solid.

They were so pleased with the results and so am I!
I love watching these girls create!


They turned out really GOOD!!

These girls are sooo cute!
I can't wait to see what they create today when they make the ornaments!
Christmas time is so much fun, expecially when you are surrounded by family!

The House.... Part 7

The dining room is finished except for the baseboards.

I love the wood floors!

Here is the living room! Its almost finished...

Sissy was in here wrapping presents.

This is Detto's office,I think he is going to LOVE it!

Here is the view of the family room from the kitchen!

I LOVE the tile!

And what is a house update without a Jackson update??We were told that he doesn't like to play with toys....

Obviously the previous owner never bought him any toys. 
Jackson LOVES toys!

Look what I found??
Stephen and Jackson watching a Christmas movie together!
Snugglie little boys!
They are soooo cute!

Abby's Early Christmas Present

It is really hard to hide a Giant Playhouse from a 2 year old...
So Abby got her BIG present early this year.

She got her very own playhouse!

She was nothing but smiles in it.

I cant believe how big it is. Amy did a GREAT job decorating it for Christmas. Amy told me that she is going to let Abby decorate it every year! I think that is a GREAT idea!

Abby found some new ELMO books in her house and so she decided to read them right away....Except Stephen kept opening the windows to play peek-a-boo!
Here and here are some cute and quick video's of Abby and her new house!

So, she decided to come out...

 and read to Stephen (aka Stee-bee)!

Isn't this a cute picture??
Abby is looking for Stephen!

Abby decided that she wanted Jackson & Zoey to be in the house with her. Poor doggies!

Abby discovered that she LOVES walking Jackson on the leash.

Doesn't that face remind you of "Charlie Trouble"??

Abby got him...

and then she decided to poke Jackson's eyes. Poor lil' doggie. Abby fell in love. She even cried when it was time for us to leave.

The big kids went inside to check out Uncle Charlie's Newest Toy -
A 3D TV!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The House... Part 6

The wood floors are going down fast!
This is Detto's Office...Almost done!

The dining room is coming along too!

Here is another tile repair in progress.
This tile had a crack on the corner. I am glad that we are getting everything fixed!
Look, The office is done!

This is the other side of the dining room.

Things are moving along.
I am glad to see things being fixed!
I cant wait  for everything to be done. It is looking soooo pretty!
Tomorrow is another day...

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

This year we had some help decorating the Christmas Tree...
Amara, Corey, and Nana came to help!

Doesn't Corey look like he is having fun?

Sissy is sooo cute! In years past she only decorated the bottom of the tree and now she reaches as high as she possibly can!

Nana made sure the back was decorated beautifully!

Stephen wore his "special work clothes" to decorate!

He is so cute!

Here is the whole crew!

Didn't they do a GREAT Job?
I love the tree!
It is very pretty!