Sunday, August 14, 2011

Romeo & Juliet's Castle's in Monteccio, Italy

Monteccio was a cute little town. My favorite part was the homes of the Montagues and the Capulets!
We went up the mountain to see their REAL LIFE CASTLES!!
It was really interesting. They were really neighboring castles with a chapel in the middle!
Here are some pics...

This is the town of Monteccio

This is the chapel that lies between the Montague's and the Capulet's Castles!

This is Romeo's Castle.
It is now a theater and it has a hiking trail around it!

Alyssa and Sophia on the hiking trail. We went over the entire trail. It was VERY HILLY (because it is on the side of a mountain) but it was very fun!

Alysa was trying to get down the hill!


The Chapel is always kept locked. It is not available for tourists to go in, so I took a picture throught the front door.

Me and Sophia!

I'm waiting for "MY ROMEO"! (I love you Detto)

This is the view from the chapel.

Some of us "hiked" up to Juliet's Castel. Not because we necessarily wanted to, but Sheldon took off and wouldn't let us get in the van! LOL

Hiking up to Juliet's Castel.

The View from the trail up the side of the mountain!

This is Juliet's Castle! It is now a restaurant!

This is the courtyard

Stephen checking out the "Juliet's Real" Balcony!

For me it was like living in a "fairy tale" to see their castel's up close! I love that we were able to walk around them. One day I hope to come back and eat at the restaurant with Detto! That would be the most romantic date "EVER"!

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