Sunday, August 14, 2011

Aviano, Maniago, and the HEATON's- Week 3

Me and the kids REALLY enjoyed our time with Samantha and Anaia. I couldn't wait to go see them. Sam told me that she was finishing up her schooling, so we waited until she was done with classes and then the kids and I took the train to AVIANO!!
Here we are...

Sam and Anaia actually live a few minutes outside of Aviano in a little town called Maniago. We arrived on a Sunday night and on Monday morning they town has an awesome market.

 We were able to walk down to the market and I was blown away at how many booths there were! I really enjoyed looking at all of the little booths.

Alyssa was determined to buy a scarf there and that made me catch the fever.

While we were shopping Stephen put in his order... GELATO Please!
It sure is yummy! Nothing like any "ice cream" we have in the USA!
My favorite parts of the day were looking at all of the cute little animals

and of course haggling with the Italians. I sure know how to tick people off! Its good to know I can break all language barriers and tick off Americans and Italians alike! LOL

This is me trying on clothes over my clothes. Alyssa thought it was funny and had to take a picture!
Anaia didn't want her picture taken, but Samantha and I wanted some long awaited pictures of the "cousins"! 

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