Sunday, August 28, 2011

Venice Part 5 - The final Chapter - Week 5

Venezia is definately a city I will be returning to!
This place is so amazing...

This is the famous Rialto Bridge!

The gondolas in front of the bridge are so pretty. Everyone of them is different!

This is the other side of the Rialto Bridge!

I couldn't believe how busy this bridge is!
This is the foot traffic over the bridge!

I love all of the waterways!

 Isn't this doll pretty?

This was the decoration on the side of the wall protecting a home.
In Italy their homes are their "everything"! They are constantly painting, cleaning, changing, etc their homes!

This is the Bruchetta Pizza that I had for dinner!

 We ate at a little pizza cafe'! It was really YUMMY!

This is a hotel on the Grand Canal. The balconys were so pretty! I would love to stay here someday!

Our train home was delayed for 135 minutes, so we sat on the steps of the train station overlooking the Grand Canal and we got to watch Venice go from day to night!

The train station!

Venice at night is just as pretty as Venice during the day!

Venice - I love you! I will definately be back!
Thank you Angela for being such a great tour guide and showing me all over this beautiful "enchanted" city! Venice was my FAVORITE city in Italy!
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