Monday, August 15, 2011

Lake Barcis, Italy - Week 3

Samantha took us to this AMAZING lake for a picnic lunch!

The whole way there we played a game in the car, so the trip was actually pretty quick. I liked going through the tunnels. I tried to hold my breath, but... the mountain tunnels are several kilometers long, so...
I gave up! :)

Barcis derives from "barcia", boat, or from the provencal "bacis", that can be translated as "river basin", for its shape. It was built in the place of the ancient Cellis, destroyed by a landslide in 1314 and reconstructed along the Cellina river. It was again destroyed by a fire in 1606, and it was set afire in 1944, during The II World War. In 1904 the dam for the electric power production was constructed, together with a panoramic road that connected it to Montereale Valcellina, a road that was recently proclaimed a natural monument. (info found here)
I really loved the view!
Stephen and Anaia were checking out all of the fishes!

We walked around the lake to a little grassy spot on a point that went out farther into the lake.

Our Picnic!

Isn't this view just breathe taking??

After we ate Alyssa and Anaia ran around to get some of their energy out!


The water is sooo blue/green.

This is a home that was on the side of the mountain. We all talked about what it would be like to live there.

After lunch we checked out a little store and then we went to the local Gelatoria!

This was the walk to get to the GELATO!! Going up the steps I was distracted by the promise of Sweet Gelato, but when it was time to go back down I had to get a picture of the beautiful steps! LOL
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