Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Verona, Italy - Juliet's Balcony

Juliet’s house was very interesting. Alyssa and I climbed the stairs and looked around all at all of the period furniture and paintings.

 Each room was set up different.
One room was the dining room, one was the sitting room, and the bedroom, etc.  

They had the original costumes from one of the movies.

They had her bed and her room how it was set up in the movie.

They also had his and her dishes.

 It was all very exciting. The house was very historic and the stairs were really cool. I liked the ceiling, the walls, the floors, it was all very romantic.

They also had a huge picture that had been hanging in the courtyard below. It had written notes to lovers, names, and poems stuck to it.

Alyssa and I liked the room with the computers where you could write a letter to Juliet. It was very fun.

The whole museum was dedicated to LOVE…
This is her orginal door!

This is the entrance into her courtyard.

This is her balcony from the inside!
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