Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quilts In Progress

I have taken my blue star blocks that I have made and or swapped and decided it is time to make them into a quilt top!! 

Then I hurted my poor lil' finger!

I have to go to the ER and have them cut on my poor baby finger twice. Ugh
Do you see my boo-boo??
The Dr. was not sure if it was a spider bite, bug bite, or just a cuticle infection. 
All I know is it hurt when they numbed me and TONS of puss came out! 
That made this project a little more difficult. 
But I was finally able to find a layout that I liked. 

Waiting for my finger to heal meant, no typing and definitely NO BLOGGING!! I was able to check my email and look who helped me! 
She is soooo cute! 
Juliette is just so helpful! 

These chair cushions have been begging to be recovered, but... Remember my finger?!?!

Finally, I was able to get to them! 

I found the fabric at the thrift store. 
Luckily, I was still able to shop even though my poor finger was hurted! LOL

I hope you have been much better than me!! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Homeschool Art Club

Once a week I have a Homeschool Arts & Craft Club in my home. 

These kids are sooo cute! 

We have soooo much fun and so do they! 

The Mom's enjoy talk time too!! 
It's great! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

New Years Eve 2013

I was looking back over my blog and realized that I forgot to post about our New Years Eve Bash... 
Well, it was just the four of us, but we had fun toasting in 2013!!
Sissy and I rocked out to the different artists on TV waiting for the Ball to Drop in Time Square! 

She is sooo cute!

Hobbs enjoyed my singing.... LOL
I love this cute little face! 

Jackson was so sleepy and our singing kept him awake! 

Detto and Stephen worked on recording some music... Stephen kept making strange faces, so I didn't post any pics of him!!!

And I made this...I picked up this picture frame at our Thrift Store for $1.00!! Then I removed the glass, covered the back with fabric and glued on all of my foreign coins. 
When it dried I hung it on my Traveling Wall!! 

And I love this guy too! 

I enjoyed having the cozy fire and watching the show!!
It was a WONDERMUS New Years Eve! 
I hope your was great too! 

More Organizing and Other Fun!

This week has been a little different because my finger got infected and so I was not able to do very much. 
I ended up in the ER... 
Ugh! At least I didn't lose my finger! Apparently the Dr thought that it would have only taken another 2 days to do irreparable damage. 

Detto was really cute and made me pancakes!! 

I had lots of fun painting my nails...
The one's that were not infected! 
Detto also gave me these...Such a sweetie! 
They are picture hangers, but with my organizing they are such a sweet gift! 
Now once my finger gets better, me and my trusty hammer can get back to work! 

I took these piles of magazines and made a magazine holder out of an old box. 
I also went through my medications and vitamins and got rid of everything that had expired! 
I was shocked at how many bottles that I had! 

Challenge #9:
Go through your medicine cabinet and throw away any expired vitamins or medications. 
Challenge #10
Sort through your stacks of magazines and donate all of the ones that you do read anymore!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stephen's 14th Birthday!

I just realized that this never posted... 
Stephen's birthday was tons of fun! 

He had sparklers for candles! 

His birthday was full of lots of pranks! 
 First, I taped bubble wrap to his door and stuffed balloons in it, so that when he opened his door it was a balloon shower! (He said it almost made him pee his pants! LOL)
Then I made him the "Birthday Boy" Shirt that he is wearing! 
He had some friends over and I "made him a cake"....
It was really just a balloon covered in icing, so when he went to cut it.... 

He also had a confetti shower down from his fan in his bedroom! 

I love my kids! 

They are so cute! 

He enjoyed having his friends over and eating his REAL CAKE! 
Carvel Ice Cream Cake! 
(A Detto and Stephen Tradition)

He couldn't find the gift....Because it was MONEY!! 

I love all of the crazy faces that he makes! 

Happy 14th Birthday Stephen!