Friday, January 11, 2013

Organizing Your Linen Closet!

I am blessed that I do not have to share my linen closet with my kids! 
We had to share one for YEARS and it drove me nuts! 
They would just pull something out (sheets, towels, quilts, etc) and everything would fall... They would just walk away like nothing happened! 
Well, I have let things go a little over the last few months and now my linen closet is all disorganized!! 
This is the floor of the linen closet. 

Sorry, but these are the only pictures you are going to get. LOL The rest was just too embarrassing!
I decided that this area needs to get ORGANIZED!! 
Jackson decided he would help!! 
First I pulled EVERYTHING out and brought it into my bedroom! 
Remember, bringing things into a different area helps you get a new perspective.
Then I separated things into the Toss, Donate, and Keep piles...
This is what I ended up with: 

I found that using baskets to keep certain things in a contained space also helped a TON!! 
I also put all of my pillowcases with the matching sheets. 
This is an organizational hint from my Grandma! 
Then the bottom looks like this...

Your challenge for today is....
#7 Get rid of all of the plastic wrapping and containers in your cabinets. They make everything look sloppy and they take up space. 
 Throw it away!! 
#8 Go through your sheets, towels, and pillow cases and donate all of everything that is fraying, stained, or fading. Also, donate anything that is mismatched!!!!
Only keep something if you want to use it as a rag or a pet towel, and MAKE SURE that you limit yourself to only keeping ONE!!! 
Here is what I got rid of: 
So far, we are making TONS of progress! 
Keep up the good work!
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