Monday, January 7, 2013

Organization is a Choice

I have really taken this organization thing to heart! 
What I have decided is that I am going to organize a different area each day.
Even if its just ONE drawer or ONE small shelf!
After I accomplish getting everything in that one small area it inspires me to do another small area and before I know it I have a lot accomplished! 
Here are a few pictures showing what I have been up to: 
 I decided to organize my jewelry box. 
Lately I have had a hard time finding what I am looking for and so I needed a solution...I had three of these picture frames that I picked up at the thrift stop for only $2 for ALL THREE!! 

I took out the cute embroidery and put some cute fabric in and then... I added a few nails and ended up with this...

I also took this oval frame that my sister gave me and removed the picture. I added some lace that I had in my sewing stash and... I ended up with organized earrings and necklaces! 

Then... I headed to my bathroom drawers! I started with this mess...
Ugh!! I feel like I organize these drawers every few months and then it just gets out of control...
I decided to organize permanently using items that I already have! I used an egg carton to organized all of my hair ties, clips, and pins! 
I also decided to get rid of the bowls (that always tip over) and start using the plastic bins! 
I also THREW AWAY TONS of stuff!! 

So far, so good! 
I will be posting more soon. 
If you have joined my "Project Organization 2013" here is your first two challenges...
#1 Gather up 5 items around that you have not used in that last 2 years and put them in a bag in your car. 
Then this week while you are out drop them off at a local thrift store. 
I will tell you what my 5 items were- 2 shirts, a jacket that I just NEVER wear, a glass dish that I haven't used in years, and some kids books.
#2 Organize your bathroom drawers!

Let's do this! 
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