Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stephen's 14th Birthday!

I just realized that this never posted... 
Stephen's birthday was tons of fun! 

He had sparklers for candles! 

His birthday was full of lots of pranks! 
 First, I taped bubble wrap to his door and stuffed balloons in it, so that when he opened his door it was a balloon shower! (He said it almost made him pee his pants! LOL)
Then I made him the "Birthday Boy" Shirt that he is wearing! 
He had some friends over and I "made him a cake"....
It was really just a balloon covered in icing, so when he went to cut it.... 

He also had a confetti shower down from his fan in his bedroom! 

I love my kids! 

They are so cute! 

He enjoyed having his friends over and eating his REAL CAKE! 
Carvel Ice Cream Cake! 
(A Detto and Stephen Tradition)

He couldn't find the gift....Because it was MONEY!! 

I love all of the crazy faces that he makes! 

Happy 14th Birthday Stephen! 


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