Monday, January 21, 2013

More Organizing and Other Fun!

This week has been a little different because my finger got infected and so I was not able to do very much. 
I ended up in the ER... 
Ugh! At least I didn't lose my finger! Apparently the Dr thought that it would have only taken another 2 days to do irreparable damage. 

Detto was really cute and made me pancakes!! 

I had lots of fun painting my nails...
The one's that were not infected! 
Detto also gave me these...Such a sweetie! 
They are picture hangers, but with my organizing they are such a sweet gift! 
Now once my finger gets better, me and my trusty hammer can get back to work! 

I took these piles of magazines and made a magazine holder out of an old box. 
I also went through my medications and vitamins and got rid of everything that had expired! 
I was shocked at how many bottles that I had! 

Challenge #9:
Go through your medicine cabinet and throw away any expired vitamins or medications. 
Challenge #10
Sort through your stacks of magazines and donate all of the ones that you do read anymore!


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