Thursday, January 10, 2013

Organizing Hats & Belts

Let me start by saying that I can not STAND hats piled up on-top of each other. 
I enjoy wearing a ball-cap every once in a while, but it is sometimes just too frustrating to find what I am looking for so I will just GIVE up and keep my hair in a pony! 
Another thing I can not stand is hearing my hubby searching for "that" hat. 
I often find it difficult to feel sympathy when his closet is...
 not as organized as I would like it to be.
See these hats just piled up here! Ugh
I decided with my "Project Organization 2013" this would be a perfect project to tackle...
In his closet was this wonderful BLANK WALL!!
I blank wall has so much potential...
This is what I did with it:
Isn't that great??
Now I don't have to hear "Where is my belt?"
"Where is my Allstate hat?" 

What will I organize next??

Now for your next Challenge:
 #6 Go through the hangers in your closet and get rid of  all of the ones that are bent or messed up... 
See what I found - I can not stand wire hangers or store 
These must go! 

#7 - Go find any glasses that are more than TWO YEARS old and put them in your Donate pile! 
You would not believe how many thrift stores donate the glasses they receive to people who cannot afford to buy glasses. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised!!
 Here are mine! 

I think I will tackle this next: 


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