Tuesday, January 8, 2013

PURGE Your Way to a More Organized Home

I have been working on "Project Organization 2013", how are you doing with your organization??

One thing that I have noticed is that I am throwing away soooooo much stuff! 
I have never thought of myself as a pack-rat, but maybe I am a little bit of a pack-rat. 
I found tons of business cards that I kept for some reason, among other things. 

So I have decided to share with you ways to purge as you organize. 

1. Take the items out of their normal space. Seeing them out of their normal space will help you to look at things more objectively and decide if it is a keep or toss. 
2. If it is just a piece of paper that you will never need, think about, or use toss it! 
3. Sort items into piles. You will be shocked at how many of the same item that you end up with. Donate a few and don't look back! 
4.  Don't ever keep things out of guilt. Even if it was a gift, if you don't use it or haven't used it within the last year, chances are you probably won't use it! 
5. Don't tell yourself the lie that you just might need it someday. You will probably forget that you have it and just re-buy it anyways! 
6. Get out three boxes as you sort... make one a donate box, one a trash box, and the last a keep box. Just remember to be very selective about what you put into the keep box.
7. If in doubt get rid of it. If you really have to think about it, you will find a reason (probably a lame reason) to keep it! 
Just PURGE!! 
The less stuff you keep the easier it is to organize. 

And the next Challenge is: 
#3 Look through your house to find items that could be used as organizational tools. Example: Egg Cartons, 4 in 1 pant hangers, small baskets, etc. Set them aside so that when you need one you won't run to the store to buy one. Let's take advantage of what we already have! I love to Re-purpose!
#4 Go through your shoes. Find two to three pairs that you haven't worn and put them in your donate box. Its winter, get rid of those yucky flip flops that you never wear! When summer rolls around you will feel great buying a new stylish pair! No Guilt necessary! 


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