Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Organizing One Day at a Time!

Well, here we go a new day, a new area to organize.
How did it feel to get rid of some items??
I felt like every little bit helps! 

The next area that I moved to was my sewing room. 
Now don't get me wrong I am going to organize the ENTIRE sewing room, but I am going to start with just one AREA and move on from there. 

I decided to start with this shelf. I forgot to take a before picture, so this is what you get as a before picture. 
I normally have buttons, sewing tools, rotary cutters, pins, etc.on this shelf. It just gets so cluttered and these are things that I need and use ALL OF THE TIME!
I enlisted Detto's help and had him attach these jars to the underside of the shelf. Now I can see my buttons, zippers, pins, and it looks soooo cute! I used baby jars and Mason Jars that I had on hand. So once again I have an organization project that cost me NOTHING!! 
So far I have spent a total of $2 on all of my organizing! 

The next area that I will tackle will be my purses... Ugh. 
I have tried hanging them on hangers. I have tried putting them on top of my closet. 
They always get tangled or I cannot find what I am looking for. 
So I had to come up with a way to organize my purses...
I cannot stand having them piled up on the top shelf of my closet.So I decided to take advantage of the corners. 

I put hooks in the wall and hung my purses below my clothes.
I did both sides. My clothes never reach all the way to the corners anyways. 
It looks better in person than in the pictures. 
I took tons of pictures, but none of them looked right, so just image perfection. LOL

Your challenge for today (yep, just one instead of 2):
#5 - go through your hair accessories. Toss anything that is yucky, rusty, or broken. (I found more of these than I would care to admit.) Donate anything that is out of style or that you have not used within the last TWO years!! 

I started with this small pile and then...
It grew!! 

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