Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Here I COME!!

Well, 2009 has been a blast!! We have definately had some ups and downs and lots of changes!! I am glad that we found our "forever home"!! I love our home in Mount Dora!! It is perfect!! I cant wait to start planting in the spring and add lots of color to the yard!! I love my porch with my swing and all of the hanging plants! I love the little touches that make this house a home!!

I cant believe that Detto is in the Army now!! Wow! I was shocked when he came home and told me put his agency up for sale!! He is so happy following the call that I believe God put on his heart!! I hate that he has been gone and will be leaving again in a day, but I know that this is where God has us. This is a season and if I remember that it will help me make it through this.
I love all of the great projects that I have been working on! My goal is to finish ALL of my UFQO's (unfinished quilting objects!) I have lots of stuff that I want to start, but I am going to wait until I finished some more before I start new projects!! I am going to work on completing one quilt per month this year!! I love the feeling of completing quilts!!

I plan on making and donating a quilt to Downy Quilts for Kids and Project Linus!! I love Quilting and sewing!! I cant wait to get my kids addicted!! The kids are going to be making their own quilt to donate to Downy Quilts for Kids!!
I have so many New Years Resolutions this year!! I want to finish my Excellent Wife devotional and I want to do at least two other Bible studies!! I want to get closer to God this year and I plan on stepping up my Bible reading!!

There are lots of goals the kids and I have set for school... like less book work and more discovery! The science cirriculum we are using is a great "discovery science"!
I have been blessed with so much this year!! I am still watching Chloe and I love that she is apart of my life!! I love all of my friends and family! The kids want to do more sports and Alyssa is wanting to get back into dance. I love that my kids are developing musically. They both play the guitar and piano. They are amazing!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Busch Gardens!!

This is us on the way!! Detto Driving and me... taking pictures!!
We had a BLAST at Busch Gardens Yesterday!! It was so nice to be at the park with the kids and Detto!! The Park WAS Packed!! My DAD would have Hated it!! (sorry Dad!) The lines were really long, but we got in FREE so!! Hoot Hoot!!

We only rode a few rides... Kumba, Montu, and the Cheeta Chaser!! But my favorite part was the shows!! We saw an awesome Christmas on Ice show!! They had all kinds of olympic skater there!! It was really an amazing show!! And we saw a cute Christmas Musical show while we ate dinner!! I didnt take any pictures of the shows... oops!!

The park was fun! We didnt get there as early as we had originally planned, but I liked having more of a laid back day!! We all love looking at the animals and so that's were we spent most of our time!! It was fun hearing the kids tell Detto all of the stuff they learned when we went on our homeschool days field trip to Busch Gardens!! It is amazing how much they remember!! 
They had a fireworks display at night!! We left right after that!! I didnt remember Busch Gardens doing fireworks in the past... I asked one of the ladies who worked there and she said they dont normally do fireworks, but this was a "Special Holiday Fireworks Show"!! It was really pretty!! I love fireworks!!

All around we had a fantastic time!! Detto was in a silly mood and so we laughed almost all day!! I wish he didnt have to leave so soon!! But the good news is that they cut down his time that he will have to be in Missouri!! He will graduate from AIT on February 11th instead of the end of March!! Yippy!! Then he will be home for a LONG TIME!!

The Simple Womans Daybook!


December 29th, 2009

Outside my window... Bright Clear day... No Clouds

I am thinking... Only a few more days with my hubby!! :(

I am thankful for... The time I have had with Detto and the Kids!! And a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!

From the learning rooms... Thank you Lord we are on Christmas Break!!

From the kitchen... We had leftovers for lunch!! YUMMY!!

I am wearing... Jeans and my "ARMY WIFE" t-shirt (Detto bought it for me... It has pink flowers on it!!)

I am creating... A Purse for an Army wife - keep the orders coming!!

I am going... To dinner with Detto tonight!! A REAL DATE!! Hoot Hoot

I am reading... My Excellent Wife book!! only on Ch 12!! But I did the workbook today!! Go me!!

I am hoping... For a Perfect Evening!!

I am hearing... Alyssa dancing in her room, Detto working on stuff?, Stephen playing drums in the garage!!

Around the house... Chloe is sleeping!! Yippy!!

One of my favorite things... HOT TEA!! I had the best cup of tea this morning. Its a Chai  Chocolate Caramel by Celestial Seasonings!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Spend every waking minute with Detto and sleep in his arms every night!!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

This is me and my family standing in line for the KUMBA at Busch Gardens!! We rode this ride twice in a row!! It was so much fun!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas gifts I made!!

I havent been able to post any pictures of what I have been working on because they were all Christmas gifts! So... This is what I have made in the last few weeks!! I made Detto and Alyssa rag top quilts!
I made Angela an Army Diaper bag!! It turned out so cute!!

I made a few other gifts, but I cant find the pictures of them... so this is all for now!!

This is my newest niece!! She is so cute and tiny!! Her name is Abby!!

Christmas 2009

We had a GREAT Christmas!! The kids were so cute!! They woke up at 3:30am and I sent them back to bed!! I said that we needed to wait until at least 6am!! They were so good... They went back to bed!! I was shocked!! Here are a few pics of our Christmas!!

We went to Disney on Dec 23rd!! Detto got in free with his military ID and my aunt let me and the kids in!! Yippy!! It was a blast!!

Also, we went on the Polar Express w/ my Mom & Dad, My brother and his wife, and my 3 nieces!! It was really cool!! We all had a really good time! We all wore our p.j.'s like they did in the movie! They read the book, sang, danced, and gave us cookies and hot cocoa!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 days of giveaways!!

There are quite a few Christmas giveaways going on right now, however here are two that I think you shoulc all now about!!


They are both great!! Enter... You'll never win if you dont enter!!
Good Luck!!

Detto is coming home!!

Well, alot has happened since I my last REAL post!! I went to Detto's Graduation in South Carolina!! On Thursday was a day that we got to hang out! It was FREEZING COLD!! It was so nice to see him. The Graduation was on Friday and they had it inside because it was 27 degree's outside!! When I got to SC on Wednesday it was 75 degrees, when I left on Saturday morning it was 27 degree's!! Crazy isnt it!?!

The inside pictures didnt come out very good. The lighting wasnt good inside! But the outside pictures were better! On Saturday I drove home to Florida and Detto was shipped, by bus, to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo! He got in at 1am and didnt get to sleep at all on Sunday!! Poor Guy!! Good news is he was made Platoon Sgt over his Platoon - 117 men and women!! I was informed this is not a "permanent rank", this is just a position! Either way it looks really good on his record!! He said to me "I was made Platoon sgt., so I will have these stripes on my arm.... until I screw something up! Or someone in my platoon screws up!" I was crackin' up! At least he's keeping it real!

When I got back I was able to go and Visit my new niece Abby!! She is so cute!! It was so great to see her. I got to hold her just briefly. Amy was nursing her most of the time we were there and so.... I took a bunch of pictures as soon as I got to hold her!! Isnt she perfect!?!?

Also, I got to watch my Reilly Bear!! She is so funny!! She was dancing and laughing most of the time she was with me!! I love all of my nieces and nephews!!

I have a bunch of video's of his graduation, but I'm having a hard time getting them to post!!

Detto comes home tomorrow morning!! I cant wait! He will be home for 2 whole weeks! We are planning on going to Disney and the kids have a whole list of things they want to do while Daddy is here!! I'm so glad that he will be home for Christmas!! Yippy!!