Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Busch Gardens!!

This is us on the way!! Detto Driving and me... taking pictures!!
We had a BLAST at Busch Gardens Yesterday!! It was so nice to be at the park with the kids and Detto!! The Park WAS Packed!! My DAD would have Hated it!! (sorry Dad!) The lines were really long, but we got in FREE so!! Hoot Hoot!!

We only rode a few rides... Kumba, Montu, and the Cheeta Chaser!! But my favorite part was the shows!! We saw an awesome Christmas on Ice show!! They had all kinds of olympic skater there!! It was really an amazing show!! And we saw a cute Christmas Musical show while we ate dinner!! I didnt take any pictures of the shows... oops!!

The park was fun! We didnt get there as early as we had originally planned, but I liked having more of a laid back day!! We all love looking at the animals and so that's were we spent most of our time!! It was fun hearing the kids tell Detto all of the stuff they learned when we went on our homeschool days field trip to Busch Gardens!! It is amazing how much they remember!! 
They had a fireworks display at night!! We left right after that!! I didnt remember Busch Gardens doing fireworks in the past... I asked one of the ladies who worked there and she said they dont normally do fireworks, but this was a "Special Holiday Fireworks Show"!! It was really pretty!! I love fireworks!!

All around we had a fantastic time!! Detto was in a silly mood and so we laughed almost all day!! I wish he didnt have to leave so soon!! But the good news is that they cut down his time that he will have to be in Missouri!! He will graduate from AIT on February 11th instead of the end of March!! Yippy!! Then he will be home for a LONG TIME!!
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