Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

I forgot to pick a winner for my GIVEAWAY!! Silly Me!!
Sorry to keep you Waiting! I know you were on the edge of your seat! hahaha

There were ONLY 3 Entries!
I used Random Number Generator...

RANDOM.ORG - Integer Widget
(Well its supposed to show you that I put in 1-3 and it picked #3! I stink at links!)
#3 Was :

Lisa said...
me me me me me !!
May 5, 2010 11:32 PM

I will contact you to send you the items!!
Congrats & thanks to the other two people who entered!
It cracks me up that there were only 3 entries!

My Mother's Day!!

This last weekend was a WONDERFUL weekend for me! I celebrated Mother's Day & My 12th Wedding Anniversary! It was GREAT!
We started off the weekend by taking Ora out for Mother's Day... We went to the Mount Dora History Museum & Old Jail, we went out for ICE CREAM, and then we walked around downtown Mount Dora... 
Ora was overwhelmed when she saw this stove. She said her mother had the "EXACT SAME ONE"!! She was so pleased to see it!
Her Grandmother had an Almost identical stove. It was really neat to hear her tell us about her memories of visiting her Grandparents in Savannaha, Ga. Watching Grandma cook on the stove, wash clothes and hand them on the line and.... She told ALL about the gardens they had. Even the museum guide was captivated by Nana's Stories. It was really neat!!
Stephen went inside the Jail cell to check out the "dummy"!
The Docent took the QUILT out of a cabinet so I could see the details! It was so AMAZING!! I was in HEAVEN!!
When we went to the Ice Cream Parlor the Man behind the counter made a HUGE mistake... He asked, "Would you like to try some samples of any of our ice creams?" Nana picked up the "PLURAL.. SAMPLES"! She took him up on it and had a mini-sampler ice cream before she picked her two scoop (NY Cherry top scoop and Moose Tracks bottom scoop) Cone!! I was crackin' up watching her ask for ANOTHER sample!!

 Then on Sunday we went to church and then had a picnic with the kids! We went to the boat pier and found a spot on the shore and watched the boats come and go! We even took mini-naps! It was such a beautiful day!! 

 and then we took the kids on a DRIVING TOUR of the Historic Buildings and Homes of Mount Dora... on Sunday evening Detto and I did a WALKING tour of the historic homes in Mt Dora and then we went to dinner! I found the Driving and Walking Tour Guide at the Library and it was a GREAT activity to do on Mother's Day!! We learned lots about our AREA!!
This year instead of Long-stemmed Roses the kids and Detto bought me Potted Roses! I have been talking about starting a Rose Garden and they bought me several GREAT Starter plants! I cant wait to have Detto help me plant them!!
They also bought me CHOCOLATE and a Cd that I have been wanting!! They are so cute!! Stephen and Alyssa's card was so cute! It had a tear out bookmark. They said "We liked what it said about you Mom... AND IT HAS A BOOKMARK!! We know how much you LOVE to read!" It was SOOO adorable!
Overall it was one of the BEST!! I Thank God for such a WONDERFUL Family!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Kids Stuff and Mongiovi Life...

Here are some random pictures of the kids and pictures of around the house...
We have a swing in the woods near our home. The kids love walking over there are playing on the swing. This time they took Kyle and The CAMERA!!
This is a hole they found!
They liked this log covered in mushrooms! I love that they discover stuff!
This is a plant that Alyssa did at Church!!
Here are some seeds we planted!

Make it and Love it is having a Giveaway!

Make it and Love it is doing a Giveaway:

Jamie from  Mini Me Baby Gear has decided to do a giveaway on Make It and Love It.

She is graciously donating a $40 gift certificate to her shop.

Now you can pick the perfect item(s) that suit you best. How perfect.
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Make it and Love it is one of my Favorite Blogs!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From the School Room....

I feel like I haven't shared very many "Homeschool-ish" posts on here lately. The kids have been doing so good and I can't believe that the school year is almost over! We took ALOT of time off this year, but we still managed to get ALOT of work done! We are already finished with Handwriting and Journal... Yeah!! We have been working on all of the States and Capitals and we only have a few more left!! We made lapbooks for each Section of the Country - MidWest, SouthEastern, NorthEastern, etc.
Here are some pictures:

The kids are posing! I was crackin' up!

School is going great I always feel like there is MORE I could have completed in the school year, but.... OH Well!! Maybe I set unrealistic goals!

Here is a project I have been working on....

I am Re-Purposing Plastic Shopping Bags into "Plastic Fabric"!!
I am not sure what I am going to make out of it, but I am going to keep adding to it until I figure out what to make out of it!!

And Here is what our Cats do while we are doing School...  


For Science we talked about mixing things together.... So we made GAK!!
It was ALOT of FUN!! The recipe is really EASY:
1 Cup Elmers Glue
A few drops of Food Coloring (be careful it stains)
1 Cup of Liquid Starch

You mix the glue and the food coloring together....
 and then slowly... add... the liquid starch. Only add a little at a time. I didnt use the whole cup of liquid starch. You mix until it becomes thick...
touch it to see if it is sticky and add more starch as needed!
 Then Let them play with it!!
Here are some pics:

It was alot of fun and VERY EASY!! I cant believe they sell this stuff for $4.99 in a TINY 2oz. Container!! It costs less than $1 to make two big batches of it. Elmers Glue $0.20 per bottle (Clearance at Office Depot), Food Coloring - I already had it, Liquid Starch $1.99 for a HUGE bottle (I used maybe 1/5)!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My trip across the Country!!

Well, I made it home safe and needed SEVERAL days to recuperate!!
As always a trip across the country with Lisa was VERY Interesting and Eventful!!
I am glad that she is back in Florida so I wont have to make this trip again!! We started out in Fernley, NV which is about 45 minutes East of Reno, NV!! We left on Wednesday afternoon and drove as late as we could. Wednesday was slow moving because it was snowing REALLY hard. Wednesday night we slept in the car because there was no hotels around!! Thursday - other than making a wrong turn and ending up in California that day was pretty un-eventful!! We did try unsuccessfully to cross the Hover Dam... they made Ronnie turn around and go the LONG way or unpack at least 80% of his trailer so they could inspect it!!
Friday was pretty dull except for the fact that something went wrong with the Axel on the trailer and he spend All morning welding. I felt so bad for Ronnie! His eyes were all red and bloodshot from eyestrain!!
But once we got on the rode we made really good time!! Then Saturday all was calm except for the flat tire on the trailer and more axel problems, but Ronnie was a good sport about it and fixed it and off we went!! On Sunday the scenery was wonderful and we were home on Monday night (around midnight!! maybe you can call it EARLY Tuesday morning)!! Overall I really enjoyed the trip! The scenery was Breathtaking!! I loved all of the mountains and fields!! The crazy thing is that we ran into every kind of weather possible - Rain, snow, sleet, hail, high winds, heat, we missed the tornado's (thank God)!! It was a wild ride!!
Here are some of my favorite pictures: