Wednesday, May 5, 2010


For Science we talked about mixing things together.... So we made GAK!!
It was ALOT of FUN!! The recipe is really EASY:
1 Cup Elmers Glue
A few drops of Food Coloring (be careful it stains)
1 Cup of Liquid Starch

You mix the glue and the food coloring together....
 and then slowly... add... the liquid starch. Only add a little at a time. I didnt use the whole cup of liquid starch. You mix until it becomes thick...
touch it to see if it is sticky and add more starch as needed!
 Then Let them play with it!!
Here are some pics:

It was alot of fun and VERY EASY!! I cant believe they sell this stuff for $4.99 in a TINY 2oz. Container!! It costs less than $1 to make two big batches of it. Elmers Glue $0.20 per bottle (Clearance at Office Depot), Food Coloring - I already had it, Liquid Starch $1.99 for a HUGE bottle (I used maybe 1/5)!!

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