Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mother's Day!!

This last weekend was a WONDERFUL weekend for me! I celebrated Mother's Day & My 12th Wedding Anniversary! It was GREAT!
We started off the weekend by taking Ora out for Mother's Day... We went to the Mount Dora History Museum & Old Jail, we went out for ICE CREAM, and then we walked around downtown Mount Dora... 
Ora was overwhelmed when she saw this stove. She said her mother had the "EXACT SAME ONE"!! She was so pleased to see it!
Her Grandmother had an Almost identical stove. It was really neat to hear her tell us about her memories of visiting her Grandparents in Savannaha, Ga. Watching Grandma cook on the stove, wash clothes and hand them on the line and.... She told ALL about the gardens they had. Even the museum guide was captivated by Nana's Stories. It was really neat!!
Stephen went inside the Jail cell to check out the "dummy"!
The Docent took the QUILT out of a cabinet so I could see the details! It was so AMAZING!! I was in HEAVEN!!
When we went to the Ice Cream Parlor the Man behind the counter made a HUGE mistake... He asked, "Would you like to try some samples of any of our ice creams?" Nana picked up the "PLURAL.. SAMPLES"! She took him up on it and had a mini-sampler ice cream before she picked her two scoop (NY Cherry top scoop and Moose Tracks bottom scoop) Cone!! I was crackin' up watching her ask for ANOTHER sample!!

 Then on Sunday we went to church and then had a picnic with the kids! We went to the boat pier and found a spot on the shore and watched the boats come and go! We even took mini-naps! It was such a beautiful day!! 

 and then we took the kids on a DRIVING TOUR of the Historic Buildings and Homes of Mount Dora... on Sunday evening Detto and I did a WALKING tour of the historic homes in Mt Dora and then we went to dinner! I found the Driving and Walking Tour Guide at the Library and it was a GREAT activity to do on Mother's Day!! We learned lots about our AREA!!
This year instead of Long-stemmed Roses the kids and Detto bought me Potted Roses! I have been talking about starting a Rose Garden and they bought me several GREAT Starter plants! I cant wait to have Detto help me plant them!!
They also bought me CHOCOLATE and a Cd that I have been wanting!! They are so cute!! Stephen and Alyssa's card was so cute! It had a tear out bookmark. They said "We liked what it said about you Mom... AND IT HAS A BOOKMARK!! We know how much you LOVE to read!" It was SOOO adorable!
Overall it was one of the BEST!! I Thank God for such a WONDERFUL Family!!
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