Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My trip across the Country!!

Well, I made it home safe and needed SEVERAL days to recuperate!!
As always a trip across the country with Lisa was VERY Interesting and Eventful!!
I am glad that she is back in Florida so I wont have to make this trip again!! We started out in Fernley, NV which is about 45 minutes East of Reno, NV!! We left on Wednesday afternoon and drove as late as we could. Wednesday was slow moving because it was snowing REALLY hard. Wednesday night we slept in the car because there was no hotels around!! Thursday - other than making a wrong turn and ending up in California that day was pretty un-eventful!! We did try unsuccessfully to cross the Hover Dam... they made Ronnie turn around and go the LONG way or unpack at least 80% of his trailer so they could inspect it!!
Friday was pretty dull except for the fact that something went wrong with the Axel on the trailer and he spend All morning welding. I felt so bad for Ronnie! His eyes were all red and bloodshot from eyestrain!!
But once we got on the rode we made really good time!! Then Saturday all was calm except for the flat tire on the trailer and more axel problems, but Ronnie was a good sport about it and fixed it and off we went!! On Sunday the scenery was wonderful and we were home on Monday night (around midnight!! maybe you can call it EARLY Tuesday morning)!! Overall I really enjoyed the trip! The scenery was Breathtaking!! I loved all of the mountains and fields!! The crazy thing is that we ran into every kind of weather possible - Rain, snow, sleet, hail, high winds, heat, we missed the tornado's (thank God)!! It was a wild ride!!
Here are some of my favorite pictures:
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