Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alyssa is Sick

We have been fighting sickness here lately! I hate when my kids are sick!!
Alyssa got sick on Friday. She just out of nowhere started running a high fever and was just fussy! She was sick on Saturday all day, but on Sunday her fever broke and she seemed better. Well, Monday the fever was back and so we took her to the doctor - Strep Throat! Yuck!! I am glad I took her, now maybe with some med's in her she will start to improve!! I just hope no one else catches it!! Pray for us!!

Also, We are running a fireworks stand this week!! Thank God for Ronny!! He is running it by himself today. It is in Wildwood on the corner of 44 and 301!! It is in the Winn Dixie plaza! We are really blessed to have A/C, with this rain so many tents are wet and dismall, but we have a roof, a/c, and indoor plumbing! Its really not bad at all!! Come by and register to win a HUGE Fireworks pack worth $150!! We are giving away this huge pack and there is also a drawing to win a chevy truck!! And buy some fireworks. Dont wait until last minute!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Joann Fabric gives homeschool discount

I just found out from my friend Angel (she truly is an Angel) that Joann Fabrics give's homeschoolers a discount of 15% off your purchase. I am so excited! I just signed up here! All you have to do is enter your info, give your FPEA membership #, and they will send you your savings card. If you are not a memeber of FPEA or a Parent Educating at Home you can go here and they will give you a special code to enter for Joann's and you STILL QUALIFY FOR THE DISCOUNT!! ISN'T THAT GREAT? I am so thrilled about this. I buy most of my "school craft supplies" and of course my quilting stuff at Joann Fabrics!! I cant wait to see what they send me!!
It was easy to sign up. It took me maybe 3-4 minutes!! How great is that!! Good Luck & Enjoy your discount!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm Back - Well for now!!

I haven't posted in awhile, but life has been overwhelming. First my husband's Uncle Philly passed away on Monday. We drove down to Naples on Sunday to see him and the Family and to say goodbye. It was VERY stressful and overwhelming. He has been sick for a long time, but I wasn't ready for the end. I don't know if you ever are. Detto even went out of town on Monday night. That made it really hard!!
Then we sold my car and so... I had to look for a new one. That was a disaster. Some of you know the story, and I don't want to drag it all back up. Let's just say it was Yucky!! But on a positive note a have a really cute burgundy van sitting in my driveway!! Yeah Me!! I have talked about getting a van for a long time and I really like this one.
The kids went to Vacation Bible School this week with the church. That gave me 3 whole hours all to myself every day. It was really nice. I got so much done. I ran all over town marking things off of my list. The kids loved VBS. They had mega sports camp. Alyssa did cheerleading and Stephen did basketball. They did Soccer at my mom & dad's VBS last week, so they covered all of the options. They really liked it.

Now, next week you probably wont here from me because I am opening a fireworks stand in Wildwood. I will be running that until July 5th. Wish me luck and lots of sales. If you need fireworks I am your girl. I am going to have help. Lisa is sending me her hubby from Nevada to help (Thanks Lis)!! He will be my "muscle"!! Really he is coming to Florida anyways for a wedding and so it really worked out! I am glad to have someone helping though so I don't have it all on me! Everything has really fallen in place (Thank you Lord)!!
Well, on a quilting note:

I haven't gotten too much finished. I worked on my Red, White and Blue quilt. I added another row of blocks. I thought it needed more... and I added a cream scrappy border. I really like it now!! I have to add a blue scrappy border. It is already so big! I need to find somewhere else to take pictures of it. My hallway isn't big enough.

I made a extra block and I think I might make a matching pillow out of it!! What do you think?

It also needs the blue scrappy border still!!
This is my 7th Quilt-A-long block. I haven't finished it, but I will have it done today!! (Lisa, you need to catch up!!) I might change the way this block looks. I don't know if I like the white in the middle like that. I might move the 4 patches so that the green is more in the middle!! I don't know yet! I think it is amazing how you can move a few pieces and the block looks totally different. Here is an example of the same block the pieces are just moved around!! See...

Quilting and sewing is such a stress reliever! It really helps me! I love QUILTING!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Girly Time!!

Today Alyssa had two of her friends come over to play. They had so much fun!! We went to the Fruitland Park playground and played until they were exhausted. Then they came back to the house and played dress up in Alyssa's room! It was so cute. They put on skirts as dresses, heels, and of course a princess staple - Feather Boa's!! Too cute. After they were done getting all dolled up, we decided to bake a cake. They each chose an apron to wear! (This is a very important step!!) The cake will be Detto's Birthday cake, as his birthday is tomorrow!!

Here are some pictures. I am so glad that Alyssa has such sweet friends!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Blue Heaven Is finished!!

I cannot believe that I have finally finished my quilt!! I mean FINISHED! Basted, quilted, and binding!! Yeah!! "My Blue Heaven" is completed!!

The kids went to Noni & Popi's house Thursday until today and ALL I did was quilt! It took me 2 days to machine quilt this monster. I quilted Thursday night and worked on it all day Friday! I only had to finish the binding today! I was so anxious to get it done that I machine stitched the binding down with a really cute decorative stitch!!

Here it is on the bed!!

I cant believe that it is done! I am so happy. I love it! It was such a fight to quilt a king size quilt on my little machine.
This is the quilt rolled in my machine. I bought the machine with the extra space for rolling quilts and there still wasn't enough room!!
This is proof that I did it myself!!

This is some of the quilting detail on the border!!

Today Detto and I went to a quilt shop in Downtown Leesburg and talked to a woman about getting a Long arm or a Short arm sewing / quilting machine!! He said that I will be able to get one... Just not today!! He sees why I need one, but paying for it is another conversation! I will have to start saving my pennies!!
I also finished my Block of the Month blocks from Cafe Mom Quilting Moms!! I am so glad. Here are my last two blocks. I am not sure how I am going to finish this quilt. Should I use sashing or just sew the blocks together? What border should I use? I have to lay out the blocks and really look at all of my options. I wonder what the other Mom's are doing?

Detto and I really enjoyed our time together w/o the kids. We both always miss them so much when they are gone!! Last night we went out to dinner in the Villages. We went to RJ Gators and sat outside. The view is so pretty, you look at a pier and a nice lake. They have little boats anchored in the lake. We watched the sun set. SOOO romantic. Then we sat and watched the band play in the square. Of course, he knew the Saxophone player and so we went out for ice cream with him and his wife!! It was actually really nice!!
Overall! I Great weekend. I love the way it feels when I complete a project! I love it More when it is a project for me!! hahaha
And thank you to everyone who has been leaving me comments. It is nice to know that you enjoy reading my posts!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday!!


I have to shout it to the World, "I have the Worlds Greatest Hubby!" I was talking to a friend today and she was talking about how in the Homeschooling Community is is "taboo" to trash talk your hubby! I love that! I said "Well, I don't trash talk Detto, because HE IS PERFECT!!"
I really am blessed! He is a great man of God. I am very excited to see what God is doing in his life right now! His business is going great and he is praying for God's direction in a few area's!!
My Man Rocks! He is very understanding and considerate... and he's not very selfish. He is particular, but that is different!!
I love Benedetto Mongiovi III!!

Isn't he beautiful?? Haha

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Aprons, Aprons & More Aprons

Ok, Ok... I hear you. Lisa, why can't you just do a little of something? Why do you dig in and do tons?.... I CAN'T HELP IT! I did one, then two, then a few more!! I love sewing and creating. Every time I have an idea it takes over my brain, and then....
Well you know. You see my blog. I can't make just one quilt - I MUST MAKE 100 QUILTS!! hahaha
OK, with all of that out of the way! Look what I did today....

SEE- aren't they cute??

I made this one for the more "contemporary" apron wearer!!

And this one for the more "Frilly" apron wearer!!
This is me and Alyssa both modeling!!

Alyssa wanted to help model. She decided to take some pictures and to model some!!
Look, I appliqued a tulip pocket and two leaves on this one. I have never done any applique' before. This is my first attempt and it was SOOOOO much easier than I thought it would be!! I will be doing ALOT more

I love that the tulip is also a small pocket!! I will use it to put my rings in!! Maybe?

Alyssa's Vintage Pillow Case Apron

This morning Alyssa decided she wanted a "Matching Apron"! Until she found some cute flowery fabric!! That changed everything. Now she just wanted an apron!!

So off I went to try and help her make an apron. I didn't really use a pattern for mine, so I wasn't sure how to make one for her! I found a great tutorial here!! I modified it for an 8 yr. old! And we were off! She did most of the sewing!! It only took us about an hour (note: I had the sewing machine on the slowest setting so she could manage it on her own)!!

This is her sewing the tie!

This is her using a seam ripper for the first time. We used an old Vintage Pillow case that was my grandma's and so we had to rip out a few seams!!

This is Alyssa holding up the apron without any ties. She wanted to see how it would look!!

This is Alyssa's finished Product!!

Isn't she too cute?

Alyssa wanted a "contrasting PINK pocket"! Thank God for a fabric Stash!! Mommy sewed the pocket on with a cute decorative stitch!! She loves it!!

The Bow can be tied in the front or....

In the back!!


Alyssa had to have this picture in here!! She made me promise and then I forgot to add it to my last post so....

Here she is! She gets here own Post!!

Ladies and Gentlement..................................


She is wearing the new apron and holding the newest finished quilt... and smiling all at the same time! Isn't she great?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Finishing My Quilts 2!!

I can't believe how much I am getting done! Wow! I have finished so many projects...
I finished quilting and binding this baby quilt for someone special!!

This is an apron that I made today!
I was so inspired by another blog that had some cute vintage aprons, so I made one myself out of some fabric that I couldn't use for quilting!

Isn't my model cute?
This is the back. You can tie it in the front or back!!

I finished my 6th Quilt-A-Long Block!! Aren't they pretty!?!

I can't wait for the next Block of the month blocks!! This is what I have so far...

Somehow Lisa and I got put in the same group. There were 8 groups with 4 people in each group and we got each other again! I think it is so funny when this happens!! Lisa made the center block and I added the border. I will now send this block to the next lady who will add another border and then she will send it to one more lady who will add the last border... and then it goes home to Lisa in Nevada!!

This is my completed "Crazy Block Quilt". I finished quilting & binding it and washed it so it looks all crinkley!! This is also a "BABY" Quilt for someone SPecIAl!!
I am having lots of fun!!