Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alyssa is Sick

We have been fighting sickness here lately! I hate when my kids are sick!!
Alyssa got sick on Friday. She just out of nowhere started running a high fever and was just fussy! She was sick on Saturday all day, but on Sunday her fever broke and she seemed better. Well, Monday the fever was back and so we took her to the doctor - Strep Throat! Yuck!! I am glad I took her, now maybe with some med's in her she will start to improve!! I just hope no one else catches it!! Pray for us!!

Also, We are running a fireworks stand this week!! Thank God for Ronny!! He is running it by himself today. It is in Wildwood on the corner of 44 and 301!! It is in the Winn Dixie plaza! We are really blessed to have A/C, with this rain so many tents are wet and dismall, but we have a roof, a/c, and indoor plumbing! Its really not bad at all!! Come by and register to win a HUGE Fireworks pack worth $150!! We are giving away this huge pack and there is also a drawing to win a chevy truck!! And buy some fireworks. Dont wait until last minute!
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