Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Alyssa's Vintage Pillow Case Apron

This morning Alyssa decided she wanted a "Matching Apron"! Until she found some cute flowery fabric!! That changed everything. Now she just wanted an apron!!

So off I went to try and help her make an apron. I didn't really use a pattern for mine, so I wasn't sure how to make one for her! I found a great tutorial here!! I modified it for an 8 yr. old! And we were off! She did most of the sewing!! It only took us about an hour (note: I had the sewing machine on the slowest setting so she could manage it on her own)!!

This is her sewing the tie!

This is her using a seam ripper for the first time. We used an old Vintage Pillow case that was my grandma's and so we had to rip out a few seams!!

This is Alyssa holding up the apron without any ties. She wanted to see how it would look!!

This is Alyssa's finished Product!!

Isn't she too cute?

Alyssa wanted a "contrasting PINK pocket"! Thank God for a fabric Stash!! Mommy sewed the pocket on with a cute decorative stitch!! She loves it!!

The Bow can be tied in the front or....

In the back!!
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