Saturday, July 24, 2010

My newest Finished Quilt!

This quilt to me seems like it took FOREVER! Oh Well!! It's finally done and already to its new home!
This is a Full Size Quilt that was made out of a Friends Daughters Baby Clothes! It was a TON of work, but the finished product was worth it in the end!


My favorite Block!!

My label  that I made with my new embroidery machine!!
I'm so glad that it's done! Now I can use the money to buy more fabric!! Yeah!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Re-Purposing to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL

I couldn't resist this! I HAD to show you this! I thought I was big on Re-Purposing... This guy needs an award!!
Stephen Decided that this way Mr. Biker Dude could enjoy Both of his favorite things at the same time.... Motorcycles and of course.... His Ford Tempo!!
And that my friends is RE-Purposing to the FULLEST!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Little Princess!

Alyssa is the Most Wonderful Little Princess in the World! She brightens my day with her kindness, cheerfulness, and constant willingness to help with ANYTHING... She even ENJOYS changing the cat litter! What would I do without her??
Lately, she has blown me away with her drive to do and do more! I enrolled the kids in Lake Sumters Kids College program!! They LOVED it! Alyssa took an Acting: Broadway Bound class! In her acting class she got a main part in the play they did! She did a Great Job! She even got to sing a SOLO part and everyone was BLOWN AWAY at how amazing she sang! (Yes, I'm a proud Momma!)
She did Wonderful!!

Also, We had a BLAST at Disney she is sooooo cute!

We are so proud!

Thank you Lord for my PRINCESS!!! She is so Precious!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Update on Quilting!!

This has been a SLOW quilting week, but I have gotten ALOT of my Boomerang swap blocks in the mail!!
And some more...
This is my Teacup/ Teapot Quilt (In-Progress) I still need another dozen Blocks until it is big enough for my bed!!
This is the Quilts4Kids Quilt that Alyssa helped make! I finished quilting it this week!

I have also been working on Quilting Alyssa's Quilt that she helped design! Here is Jasmine "Helping" me!
I love that she comes and hangs out in the sewing room when I'm sewing!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Quilt Shop of Deland ~ Shop Hop Part Three!

Lisa and I have both decided a NEW FAVORITE STORE.... The Quilt Shop of Deland!!

The people there are sooo wonderful...We really enjoyed spending time with the Store Owner Judy! She decided to teach us how to make Fabric Flowers and Yo-Yo's!! I cant get over how generous she is!!
This is us in our “Class”!!
Lisa finished her flower and then……. Oops It fell apart! We were all CRACKIN’ Up!!

I loved all of the Great Quilts in this shop!! There was so much too look at and lots of inspiration!

Each shop that we went to gave us a Pattern!! They were great... Here are the three patterns from the other shops!!
and then we went the the Quilt Shop of Deland.... This is what they gave us...
TWO Pattern, ruler, coffee cup, etc...
Both Lisa and I won the last Hourly Door Prize ~
We won a whole book of patterns designed by Judy Hansen (the shop owner)!!
She even signed them for us!

This is the quilt the book shows you how to make!!

Each shop was also giving away a basket valued over $100... Guess WHAT????

I agreed to split it with Lisa!!
I cant wait to divide everthing up!! I was so thrilled that we got to go.
I really liked Judy's teaching so I am looking forward to signing up for some classes at her shop and maybe even a retreat!! There is one coming up in September!

Shop Hop Part TWO!!

Lisa and I had a BLAST on Saturday finishing our Shop Hop!!
It was so nice to be kid free for a day and enjoy some GIRLY TIME!!

We enjoyed the Clermont Shop! The ladies were very nice and helpful!

Lisa WON the Hourly door prize and we were Thrilled!

Neither of us had ever been to that Shop and so it was very nice to check it out!

The drive to Deland was LONG…. So we stopped!!
We pulled over at the half way mark to stretch our legs…
Road Trip 101:
1. If you are going anywhere with Lisa and Lisa be prepared to stop every 30-45 minutes to pee, stretch, or both!!

2. If you are going anywhere with Lisa and Lisa and your in a hurry…. Choose an alternative method of travel.

3. If you are going anywhere with Lisa and Lisa…. Bring your sense of humor – You WILL NEED IT!!

We stopped somewhere in the middle of NOWHERE!! I saw the pretty field and HAD to stop!!
Then on to LUNCH... We ate at a cute place about a half of a block from the Quilt Shop of Deland!!
They had 2 For 1's!! Yippy!!

We were actually Shocked at how YUMMY the food was!! We really had a GREAT time!!
Then... off the the Next store!!