Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Process Pledge Update!

Here is what I have been working on...
I finished Alyssa's Quilts-4-Kids top... and I pinned it! Now all I have to do is Quilt is! I cant decide which pattern to do!

Working on the Stars Quilts for Kids Quilt!
I cant decide which way to set the blocks! This way or that way? Hmmm??

This is what I decided on!
I HATE the colors, but I didnt pick them! They came in the Quilts-4-Kids Kit!

I recovered this chair!!
Detto helping me put the screws back in - Men and Power Tools.... HMMM

After! Yeah!! I love the blue!

This is my Round Robin that I made for the International Round Robin!! I love it!

This is a block that I made out of scraps! I dont think I like it!

This is Lisa's Round Robin that I worked on. I just added the last blue border!

These are some Log Cabin Blocks that I made for a swap partner!

And.... I made these scrappy Stars blocks that I made to go with my QOV Quilt!

So that's my update! I have made two other blocks, but I cant show on here until....
I love making something out of scraps!

Today is the first day of KIDS COLLEGE!! Yeah for them! I hope they love it! Our church didn't do a Summer Camp this year, so instead we signed up the kids for KIDS COLLEGE!!
I am so excited for them!
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