Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July!!

We had lots of fun hangin' with the Family and Friends! I love holidays!!
Happy Independence Day!!
Alyssa and Abby were all decked out in their 4th of July Bling!!
Amy was trying to get Abby to look at the camera... Getting her to smile Smile? World Peace anyone?The Girls!
~John and I being Silly~
I love that Anaia SINGS ALL THE TIME!! It is so cute! The Heaton Family!
Jason and Reilly Bear! 

I enjoyed hanging out with my family!! I'm glad we all got to spend time together! Soon John and Sam will be heading to Italy and... :(
I just hope my family knows how much I love them and I care about them!
After we left Mom and Dads House we went to Downtown Leesburg to catch the fireworks... then we went home and watched our neighbors set off HUGE mortars!! It was cool!! We set off our little pack of fireworks and the kids had a blast with their Pop-its and Sparklers!
We also watched Avatar with Lisa and Ronnie! It was nice! We didnt start the movie until after 10:30pm ... I had a MUCH better 4th this year!! Last year was CRAZY running the fireworks stand!!
I hope everyone else had a great time too!!
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