Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bok Tower Gardens with Nana! Part 2

Can you believe that this tower is over 19 tons of stone??
It was shipped in from GA. 

This place is so pretty! 

While were walking around it started raining. 
Thankfully we were able to find a rain shelter and we waited out the quick "Florida" downpour! 
While we were waiting we met some nice people and all watched in amazement as Alyssa chattered away in Spanish with them. She is so amazing! 

The views from this place were really beautiful! 

Stephen and Alyssa were too cute... Chasing each other and acting like little kids! I loved it! 
They had so much energy even in the Florida Summer Heat! 

This was dedicated to Edward Bok by one of his workers. The man saved for 7 years in order to pay for this Japanese inspired monument honoring Mr. Bok. 

I think it is really neat that this is where Edward Bok is buried. 

Right in front of the Brass Carved door of his tower! 

Stephen always makes silly faces as soon as I pull out the camera!

We were enjoying this area until....

Nana spotted a snake and then I was ready to leave! 

Look at this beautiful tree. I wonder how old it is??
50 years? 75 years old?? 100?

This was the first time that we saw the Lookout Window. How interesting!

I loved that they had food down so we could watch the animals.

They had many rare plants. 

Such a different flower! 

After walking around for several hours we decided to grab a bite to eat at their deli and call it a day! 
Making silly faces again! 

Isn't she pretty?

I love this guy!

I am sure we will be back again!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bok Tower Gardens with Nana! Part 1

Detto headed out again for more Army stuff, so before he left we tried to cram as much into our summer as possible!
One of his all time favorite places to visit is Bok Tower Gardens!  

They have so many different plants here! 

The kids found a GATOR!! 
Thank goodness it was a statue! 

This time we thought it would be fun to bring Nana with us! 

I love how they made the walk way out of stones. 
It looked sooo cool. It must have taken forever to lay each stone on its side and to design the pattern! 

These are all of the different flowers that are currently blooming at Bok Tower during our visit! 

This is the size of the biggest Carillon Bell!

Can you believe that both of them would be able to stand up in it??

Look.. here we are together! 

He is so cute. 
Always making silly comments and jokes! 

Nana really liked it here! 

So picturesque! 

Stephen is such a goof! 

Nana was explaining about the plants to Detto! 
She really got into it! :)

Stephen enjoyed the gardens too! 

All of the fresh air and gardens inspired him to.....
dance like a ballerina! 
Needless to say, I was crackin' up! 

Sissy was making me laugh too! 

These kids were not as impressed with the plant life as Nana and Detto were! This is what they chose to do while Nana told Detto about the plants! 

I love watching them all walk and talk together. 
Detto is such an amazing father! 

I don't know why, but I LOVE this picture! 

Soooo pretty! 

So different...

I love all of the plants! God is such an awesome artist! 


To think a Man thought up this place! 

So cute! 

We spent hours and hours walking through here! I am sure that there is no way to see it all in one visit!

I saw so many plants that I had never seen before! 

This picture doesn't show it, but these Lilly pads were HUGE!! A person could lay across each of these! 

Everything was so lush and vibrant! 

Nana and I got a kick out of how bit these elephant ears were! Can you believe the size of these??

Stephen kept scaring the Koi Fish! 

I will show you more soon...