Tuesday, July 23, 2013

15th Wedding Anniversary ~ Cruise to the Bahamas! Part 1

Detto and I were blessed to go on a cruise for our 15th Wedding Anniversary! 

We waited until school was out so that we could celebrate without the stress of school! 
The Coast Guard ships were really neat! 

I was shocked at how strong the tug boats were! 

It was fun watching the other ships go out to sea.

Our First Stop was Freeport!!
We wanted to snorkel... so
we brought our gear, rented a car, and headed to the beach! 
Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the camera with me that day! 
I could have kicked myself! 
We saw some of the most amazing fish and corals.
It was soooo amazing! I was astonished at all of God's Creations! 

We made it back for lunch... 

I love all of the food on a cruise ship! 

That was a wonderful day and a wonderful night! 
I enjoyed our time together! 

I will post another update soon.

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