Saturday, July 27, 2013

Atlantis & Cruise!!

This place was soooo cool! 
I can not believe that people pay $25,000 PER NIGHT (with a 5 night minimum) to stay is the bridge portion! 
It is nicknamed the "Michael Jackson Suite". 

Detto and I spent tons of time watching the Manta Ray swim around! 

This place was incredible! 

Can you see it??
Apparently, they catch these and then release them every 6 months! 

It was sooooo strange watching people drive on the wrong side of the road! 

I loved all of the colors of the building and houses! 

This did not look like a regular police station. 

It was such a pretty place to visit! 

Look we found the local Army.
They each had on different types of camo. It was very different and much more relaxed compared to the US Army! LOL

We had an "interesting" server! He was very animated! 

I thought this place was soooo pretty at night! 


On our day at sea I liked watching the other cruise ships make their way home as well! 

The sunsets on a cruise ship are breath taking! 

Detto and I really enjoyed this band. 
They were all from the Philippines and had been playing together for over 7 years!

Sunrise in Florida was a GREAT sight! 

The cruise was LOTS of fun, but it was also GREAT to be home! 

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